Who says the Upper West Side isn’t wild anymore? Rock ‘n Roll pickles, butchers and 3D printers are all coming to the neighborhood.

Maison Pickle, the new offshoot from Jacob’s Pickles, has reappropriated the old Ouest sign for its upcoming location at  Broadway between 83rd and 84th. They’ll be specializing in French Dip sandwiches and will have many other dishes too. Owner Jacob Hadjigeorgis is working with Punch Architecture to create a space that’s “ensconced in a timeless glow of ‘pickle green’ alongside traditional textures of marble, oak and brass, matched by contemporary art and a rocking soundtrack. It’s a place where the ghosts of Rock ‘n Roll stars might stop for breakfast, at 4pm.” Last we heard they’re trying to open later this month. Thanks to Kevin and Ilene for photos.

See some renderings of the interior below:

Hudson & Charles, a West Village butcher shop, has signed a lease for the former Schatzie’s Butcher space at 555 Amsterdam Avenue on the corner of 87th Street. Projected to open in November, it will serve grass-fed meats and sandwiches. With White Gold opening on 78th and Amsterdam soon, there appears to be a mini-boom in local butchers. Schatzie the Butcher has since moved to 2665 Broadway between 101st and 102nd.

Skill Mill, a new maker-space with 3D printing and laser-cutting machines, will open soon at 949 Amsterdam Avenue at 106th-107th street. There will be classes available and technicians to help shoppers interested in buying customized items. “Right now we are looking at classes for teens, adults and parent & child classes. We will also have special events like couples maker classes and holiday workshops.” There’s a soft opening on Sept. 18. Learn more here.


Jewelry store KT Collection will be moving from 75th and Columbus to the old Roslyn space on 73rd and Columbus. “I learned this from owner/designer Katie Thompson’s husband/contractor, who is already beginning the renovations,” Carol tells us.

Sun-Chan’s owner told Claudia that the Japanese restaurant at 2707 Broadway (103rd-104th), initially closed because of a gas leak in the building earlier this year, will finally reopen next week.

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    1. UWSBlogger says:

      So happy about the Sun-Chan news. It could have gone the wrong way and they are such an outlier in terms of how this place feels and is run:

    2. Steen says:

      So happy to hear about Sun-Chan. I was fearing the worst. It is one of our favorites.

    3. dannyboy says:

      Re: Jacob’s Pickles, has reappropriated the old Ouest sign

      i don’t think so. “At Our Place” reappropriated the old “Cleopatra” sign.

      maybe “Ouste”?

    4. dannyboy says:

      Schatzie the Butcher grew up around the corner from me. Even played at the same pool halls.

      • manhattan mark says:

        Dannyboy, Where was that pool hall?

      • dannyboy says:

        Stratford Billiards in the South Bronx.

        But we both also played Burnside Billiards.

      • HelenD says:

        We were Schatzie’s customers for 30 years when we were both on the UES but I never thought to ask where he grew up. Is he from the UWS originally?

        • HelenD says:

          Sorry, there was a delay in the posting, I see that you just mentioned The Bronx. 🙂

          • dannyboy says:

            damn delays!

            it’s getting like LaGuardia around here

          • UWSHebrew says:

            Schatzie’s prepared food is bland and boring.

            • HelenD says:

              Haven’t been up to Schatzie’s on the UWS yet so I can’t comment on the prepared food, but I just tried Fine & Shapiro for the first time and it was amazing. Have only tried a few items at Fischer Bros and it wasn’t so great.

            • dannyboy says:

              yea, you may want to stay home

              the tables are getting scarce, even for me

            • grandmasterbeta says:

              Got do disagree about their prepared food. Meatballs have been great. And the burger joint is very good although not much on ambiance. Burgers and fries are great. Chicken sandwich is amazing. Turkey burger is the best I’ve ever had. Hey, even the brunch was great. I am very happy Schatzie is around the corner now.

            • UWS_lifer says:

              I agree. And I think bland and boring is actually being generous.

              I haven’t been to the new place yet so maybe it has changed.

              I will say this though….the ground beef and the steaks were very nice. Which is really what they should be focusing on anyway. It’s a butcher shop.

            • dannyboy says:

              tolerate vegetarianism?

        • Jss says:

          Schatzie’s burger restaurant is great
          Terrific burgers and fries plus “authentic” ambiance.
          Schatzie’s is much more fun and tastier than chains such as Bare Burger and Shake Shack IMO

          • dannyboy says:

            Sound like a fan!

            The Cafe is Ritchie at Schatzie’s, he’s the son.

            Schatzie the Butcher also worked with his father.

    5. Jenine says:

      OMG Sun Chan. You have been so terribly missed, and I can not wait to go back again.

    6. Lucien says:

      Maison Pickle, I highly doubt *any* ghost of Rock ‘n Roll stars would step foot above 14th Street let alone in the sleepy UWS.

      • B.B. says:

        I’d make that 23rd or perhaps maybe even just below 30th. Madison Square and Gramercy Park areas along with Flower District & Chelsea are very “in” atm.

    7. 24gotham says:

      While I am glad that Sun-Chan is going to re-open, I sure do hope they do a bit of cleaning. Their windows were always filthy dirty which was a primary reason to not go there.

    8. JS says:

      From the headline, I was afraid Sun Chan was closing.

    9. Steen says:

      Love the design esthetic of Maison Pickle, btw. Kudos to Punch Architecture and whoever they are using for interior design.

    10. grandmasterbeta says:

      Yea!! Sun Chan! Great news! Hope they go back to the really late hours. Amazing how hard it is to get a bite in that neighb after 11. Even the bars have cut back on the late night kitchen.

    11. Lorraine says:

      Terrific. So Maison Pickle will be another place where it’s too loud to talk to your dinner companion.

      Walked by the other day and it still doesn’t look like it could open in two weeks.

    12. ScooterStan says:

      Re: “ensconced in a timeless glow of ‘pickle green’


      Lovely Young 20-Something (LY20S) is seated at a table in the just-opened Maison Pickle, awaiting her latest (#14) boyfriend, Mason. He arrives, and as soon as he is seated she speaks:

      LY20S: “Mason, I hate to jar you, but I’m in a pickle !”

      Mason: “You certainly are! You’re in Maison Pickle, the new offshoot from Jacob’s Pickles, which will be specializing in French Dip sandwiches and many other dishes”

      LY20S (sobbing): Stop quoting WestSideRag ! Can’t you see I’m upset !

      Mason: Well, it can’t be because of me. My Mommy always said I shouldn’t blame myself for anything, cause it hurts my self-esteem”

      LY20S: But it IS you, or maybe Logan, or Carter, or Sebastian…but…but…I am with child !

      At this point Mason’s face is also “ensconced in a timeless glow of ‘pickle green’

      2 B continued…..sometime

    13. UWSnewbie says:

      Love Hudson & Charles. Used to live around the corner in the WVillage – their meat is incredible and they are dedicated to their trade. And nice. So happy to have them on the UWS!!!

    14. dannyboy says:

      In summary, I think we can all agree that the West Side is wild.