A well-liked diner near Columbia closes up shop, as some highly anticipated eateries get set to open.

Deluxe Luncheonette at 2896 Broadway between 112th and 113th appears to have finally succumbed after 17 years of dishing out diner food to Columbia students and others. There was an auction on Tuesday and all the furniture was sold, Kate tells us. No one was answering the phone on Wednesday. Last year, the restaurant briefly closed and then reopened, promising to open a new concept in the space eventually.

sean closing

Sean, the French men’s boutique at 224 Columbus (70th) is having a final sale, Terry tells us. “I joked with the salesman, ‘What did they quintuple the rent?,’ and he smiled and answered, ‘No, just tripled it.’ He told me that they are looking for another location to move on the UWS. In the meantime, they are having a sale of 50%-75% off.”


Orwashers Bakery is planning to open on September 1 at 81st and Amsterdam in the former home of Pet Health Store. Julie tells us it’s the 100th anniversary of the opening of their Upper East Side store. Looks like they’re still looking for employees. Thanks to Ashley Pagnotta for the photo above and Julie and Arif for the photos below.

halloween pop up3

It may still feel like summer, but a Halloween pop-up store is already getting ready to open at 2688 Broadway: (102nd-103rd). Thanks to Stefan for the photo.

Butcher shop and restaurant White Gold from April Bloomfield and Ken Friedman is set to open in September at 78th and Amsterdam, Grub Street reports. Apparently they’ll be serving breakfast too — mmm, sausage. “White Gold, named after the old-school-butcher term for those precious flavor-enhancing ribbons of animal fat, will also serve three meals a day, executed by Bloomfield’s chef de cuisine, Robert Flaherty. ‘We’ll introduce diners to steaks they may never have heard of by cooking them perfectly in the restaurant rather than yammering on about them at the display case,’ says Nakamura. Non-steak stuff includes a smoked-tofu bánh mì, hot dogs, and rotisserie chicken.”

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    1. dannyboy says:

      “Sean, the French men’s boutique…”

      hey sean, weren’t you looking for some “very, very, very expensive yoga pants”?

    2. Wijmlet says:

      I grew up on Orwasheer’s breads on the UES. Love it!

    3. Cato says:

      I don’t think you need to identify the location of Orwasher’s as “the former home of Pet Health Store” any longer.

      Although not yet opened, I think Orwasher’s has been there probably longer than Pet Health Store was.

    4. Daryl says:

      aha … so another restaurant tries to make a go on the corner of 78/Amsterdam … that gluten-free place was good and it went belly up in no time … good luck to the high end steak place

    5. k says:

      KUDOS to WS Rag for keeping us on top of all the changes. Love your impartial presentation (and, PS the layout of the whole Rag), leaving the entertainment to the comments section.

    6. Sean says:

      Sean has nice clothes but the sizes are too small for anyone but rail thin boys. This is the UWS, not Chelsea

    7. Anni says:

      Sad about Deluxe. Seemed like a perfect component of the neighborhood – I wonder what the problem was.