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If you’re feeling frisky, you can pick up a mannequin, some oysters, a burrito, some linguini and a bunch of real estate listings. Whatever tickles your fancy.

Here are some exciting and strange openings and closings:

American Apparel on 109th street and Columbus Avenue has closed, and has been selling everything down to the mannequins, whose positions and demeanors are somewhat unsettling both clothed and nude. Thanks to Nancy for the photo.

crave3Crave Fishbar is set to open imminently in the former home of Brother Jimmy’s on Amsterdam between 80th and 81st. A spokesman said they’d open by the end of this month or early December. It’s a very large space and will have a bar and restaurant seating up front, a large back room, and outdoor seating (presumably the sidewalk cafe).

“With a light and airy coastal atmosphere, the neighborhood fishbar will offer 100% sustainable seafood and fresh fish, a fully stocked raw bar, and a rotating tap featuring local craft beers, organic wines and batch cocktails. In addition to daily #oystergram happy hour/dinner service and weekend brunch, Crave Fishbar is excited to introduce a late night dining menu, exclusive to the new Upper West Side location. The late night menu, available until 1:00 AM, will feature an abridged version of popular Crave dishes and an extensive offering of innovative craft cocktails.” Photo by Arif.

Corcoran is opening a real estate office in the former home of Amber at 70th and Columbus. They’re paying a whopping $64,500 a month (!), the Observer reports.

Italian restaurant Mezzogiorno has opened for dinner on Broadway between 107th and 108th street. Dinner starts at 5 p.m. No word yet on if/when tehy’ll be open for lunch. Thanks to Rich, RS and other tipsters.

The Food Emporium on 90th and Broadway is now closed for good. We await word on what will open there (we’re hearing unconfirmed rumors of a gym).

tatzTatz Gourmet Sweetz, the gluten-free bakery at 844 Amsterdam Avenue (101st-102nd) has closed. It opened about a year and a half ago. Thanks to Rob for the tip and photo.

Chipotle was set to open on Nov. 20, at 805 Columbus Avenue in Columbus Square, Evan told us last week. We haven’t gotten the update as to whether it has actually opened its doors yet (Chipotle’s website still says it’s “opening soon.”

Pretty Angel Nail Spa on Columbus between 84th and 85th Streets “is closing and “merging” with the Pretty Angel on Amsterdam between 88th and 89th Streets,” Marsha tells us.

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    1. Ryan says:

      Chipotle opened on Sunday 11/22 and is busy.

      • Guy 47 says:

        Great, another place to get food poisoning.

        I really like their food and go there every few months but I’ve got food poisoning twice from their 72nd St location.

        Complained to corporate but they disavow any responsibility.
        Luckily the dept of health shut them down a couple times to hopefully clean up their act.

    2. Rasheed Robinson says:

      The Chipotle on 805 Columbus Avenue (Columbus and 100th) is open

    3. Ira says:

      American Apparel @ Broadway @109th

    4. Ray Bergen says:

      The new Italian restaurant, Mezzogiorno, is located on Broadway between 107th & 108th.

    5. Eric says:

      The Sleepy’s on Broadway b/t 99/100th has closed. I feel like they just opened, but also never saw a single customer in there…

    6. Erica says:

      A gym in that space on 90/Broadway? Sigh

      • Kenneth says:

        I bet no gym at that location – unless it’s only the basement space – and even then it’s a real long-shot. Ground floor corner rents are way too high to be supported by a gym. Doubly impossible with Equinox two blocks away.

    7. Evan says:

      The 20th turned out to be opening for invites for chipotle. Sorry!

    8. kim says:

      We go to the crave fishbar on the east side frequently . The food is delicious! ! They have the best raw bar in the city also. I’m so excited they are opening an uws location!

    9. beebee says:

      Surprised to hear that Tatz is closed as I never even knew it was there and I live close by.

    10. Lrahip says:

      I ate at Mezzogiorno and it was really good!! But if you are noise sensitive, try and get a seat in the back. It is much quite there.

    11. Frank says:

      Any news on the replacement for Ditch Plains. I looked for Fusha and Columbus Flame and found nothing online.

    12. WombatNYC says:

      Welcome to the New, New York. Columbus Square is not NYC . It’s a mall with the only participants being national chains or large regional chains that can afford the rent and provide a sterile , suburban environment for patrons. Sad !

      • 92nd street says:

        Big Box is the UWS, if you are looking for Mom n’ Pop or Boutiques head downtown. We are the same crap you can find anywhere in the country, very un-NY

        • Kenneth says:

          Better still, you should move to Park Slope. Plenty of mom and pops still there and we won’t have to listen any more to your complaining about how the UWS isn’t Peekskill.

      • tostonesfix says:

        Sorry Wombat.

        For those who live nearby, Whole Foods, Chipotle, Smashburger, etc were a Godsend. There was never much between on Columbus between 86th-100th anyway. I’m no fan of chains but I am a fan of variety and convenience.

      • All big commercial streets in NYC are malls. Downtown shopping is moving uptown. We’ve always had local and national chains on the UWS. Duane Reade and Model’s are chains that originated in NYC. At issue might be the atypical super block design of the street. This is not by design of the developer, but a remnant of the urban renewal project. By all standards Columbus Square is a successful shopping street that supports the needs of a dense urban neighborhood. UWS residents are showing their approval by shopping there.

    13. mjp says:

      Any idea what retailer will replace Food Emporium (90th/B’way)?

    14. Maggie says:

      I can confirm the new Chipotle at Columbus Square is open.

    15. Dis Covery says:

      The Food Emporium will become a mega-pickle shop.