If this was 1970, a store called  Tatz on the Upper West Side would be a tattoo parlor. But if you walk into Tatz today looking for some ink you’ll probably walk-out with a vegan gluten-free doughnut.

Tatz Gourmet Sweetz just opened about a week ago on Amsterdam Avenue between 101st and 102nd streets, the former home of Krik Krak. It advertises itself as “Gluten Free, Wheat Free, Soy Free, Refined Sugar Free, Low Fat, Dairy Free, Mostly Organic Bakery.”

The desserts on its Facebook page look quite attractive. Maybe bakers never really needed gluten, wheat, sugar or dairy in the first place.

By the Way Bakery, another gluten-free and dairy-free spot, opened earlier this year.



Thanks to Lisa for the tip and photo of dessert case. Other photos via Tatz Facebook page.

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    1. jerry says:

      The rank of the amateur fills the editorial space. “Maybe bakers never really needed gluten, wheat, sugar or dairy in the first place.” What? Tell that to a few hundred years of accomplished bakers – like today’s Francois Payard and, in our own backyard, La Toulousaine. Somehow, we as a civilization have managed to grow old and happy consuming pastries and bread full of the above mentioned dreaded ingredients. We’re living in a neurotic’s paradise – and gluten, once humble and marginal, has managed to grow out of the Petrie dish and take its place on Hyde Park Corner. The best to date? Gluten free dog food. Our woofer, Charlie, thinks the whole thing’s a crock.

      • steve says:

        Wish I could +1 your comment, jerry. You are on target. Actually wish I could plus 100.

        Yeah there is a disease where gluten is bad for people’s intestines, but it’s a disease and affects a tiny, tiny percentage of the population.

        • NYCEd says:

          Steve: I think you and Jerry missed the joke!

        • rob says:

          No one discredits the accomplished bakers. Don’t be silly. The reality is that the wheat grown just 100 years ago has now been genetically modified so significantly that it has adverse affects on the human body (I can’t comment on dogs!).
          You know that wheat is the number one food that increases blood glucose levels? And guess what a lifetime of that leads to? Diabetes. And there is no doubt that adult onset diabetes is becoming an epidemic. So wheat-free is not just about a gluten allergy…
          Try it for a few weeks. See if you don’t feel better.

    2. Harriet says:

      I used to think, like you Jerry, that all this specialized food stuff was a lot of BS, until my 3 year old granddaughter started throwing up every night, could not keep any food down, and was suddenly down into the 20% bracket for her age and height. An endoscopy was done and she was diagnosed as having celiac disease, which runs in her father’s side of the family. Since she has been gluten-free for six months, she is again a happy healthy growing child. Since then, I’ve done a bit of research and it is beginning to be understood that a substantial chuck of what we are seeing as stomach and intestinal cancers in middle aged people may be untreated celiac. So, yes it’s a nuisance, and yes, there are some people who throw around these “sensitivities” just to be difficult. But, it’s real, and hopefully now that it is suddenly at the top of the “feature story” agenda, some attention will go into treatments.

    3. Cato says:

      Wait — there’s something seriously wrong here.

      Shouldn’t the products of “Tatz Gourmet Sweetz” be described as “Zoy Free, Refined Zugar Free, … Moztly Organic Bakery.”?

      I mean, how uncool (or is that “unkool”?) can these people be? They actually used the letter “s” — and zeveral times!!

      For zhame!!

    4. chrissy says:

      What’s with all the bakeries and cupcake joints?! As far as Tatz being the name of tattoo parlour in 1970. I would say it would be more apropos now because getting tats are more popular than ever these dayz!

    5. Edy says:

      Wheat is not what it used to be. It’s now genetically modified, sprayed with chemicals and grows in synthetic soil. It’s one of many foods that’s making us sick. And because it’s genetically modified its much higher in gluten now then it was years ago whcih means that more people are aensitive to it. This may PARTIALLY explain why so many people reach for gluten free baked good. Others just think it’s healthier or want to get on the latest food craze.

    6. gelbert says:

      I stopped in and tried the banana cake. It was terrific. I’m not gluten free but I am happy to see a couple of new places on Amsterdam. The thing about gluten free is that ithere is no denying that I feel better eating it. Today’s gluten, as someone above mentioned, is not the same as our parents’ gluten. Give this place a shot.

    7. ash says:

      Gluten free or not, guys, the goodies Tatiana makes here are fantastic! And it’s owned and operated by one of our own upper west siders So at the very least, support this UWS small biz!

    8. ALLI says:


      Definitely visit Tatz!