PDO'Hurleys Hudson Beach Cafe with Brad/Bekah/Ando/Chirag

The Hudson Beach Cafe at 105th street inside Riverside Park has closed down, and Riverside Park is seeking a new concessionaire for the site.

The cafe was a “great little place to sip a beer” by the Hudson River and a dog park, one Yelper remarked.

Others were less praiseworthy: “The food was always bad. The view was always good,” one commenter wrote after we reported in 2012 it had been closed down temporarily for health violations.

A tipster told us the site has been deserted this Spring.

“Several months back, I walked by there during the day and saw what looked like a business closing of some sort – complete with handshakes and photographers. ¬†Since then, they’ve removed all tables, shelters etc.– it’s looking pretty deserted. ¬†Would be such a shame if we couldn’t stop and get an afternoon beer there this spring/summer!”

The Boat Basin at 79th street, however, opened last weekend. And Pier I at 70th street is set to open this weekend. Hopefully, the spot on 105th will get a new vendor soon.

Photo of the Hudson Beach Cafe in happier times by jacopast.

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    1. beinformed says:

      Maybe it’s closed because Paul Hurley, the owner, was arrested and is on trial in NY State Supreme Court for not paying his employees at another the tune of $800,000.

    2. Louisa Cabot Myers says:

      This is terrible news!
      Someone MUST open here! It was such a delightful, fun place for everyone!

    3. LInda says:

      This is a major loss to the neighborhood. It’s been one of my favorite things about living in this area for many years. I hope someone else takes over before the whole summer is lost!

    4. Jill says:

      any word on this? it looks like there are benches and some construction there now.. May 2015. I am hoping someone is moving in!