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Police responded to reports of shots fired at 92nd street and Columbus Avenue on Friday night around 11:30 p.m.

About 10 men in their 20’s were involved in a fight on the West Side of 92nd, which apparently extended as far North as 95th street, an NYPD spokesman told us. A witness told police one man had been pointing a gun at three others, but police could not determine whether shots were fired. No one was arrested and no guns were recovered.

One woman who came upon the scene shortly afterward said several men were in handcuffs.

“I walked by 92nd and Columbus around midnight and there were the police with several guys in handcuffs and some other cops searching for a gun with flashlights. Lots of people were standing around watching. Apparently they shot some other guy who ran away and them collapsed a few blocks north,” she wrote in an email.

“Our doorman heard about it on the police radio. Apparently there were cops stationed between 92nd and 108th because the other guy headed north until he collapsed from being shot. We didn’t see the shooting but people around told us what happened. We just saw the guys in handcuffs and police looking around with a flashlight for the gun. The area was blocked off.”

Image of 92nd and Columbus via Google Maps.

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    1. Paul RL (formerly PRL) says:

      Yeah, who needed that nasty old Stop & Frisk law anyway? We can always catch the bad guys AFTER they shoot someone!

      • smh says:

        So says the white guy who has never been stopped in his life. Same guy probably points at extreme cold spells and says ‘See? There is no climate change!’

        • aSharptin says:

          Climate change is a myth, just like women making 77% of what men make. Stop & Frisk worked. Without it, Darwin will work his magic.

        • Jack says:

          SMH, why do you have to make this about race?

          • Bruce Bernstein says:

            fyi, the person who made the thing about race was Paul (above), who connected some shooting to the end of the racial profiling form of “stop and frisk.”

            “stop and frisk” still exists. “stop and frisk” with racial profiling no longer exists.

            there has been no increase in crime since the end of the old program. so attributing a shooting to ending “stop and frisk” is illogical and false argumentation.

            SMH is correct in pointing out the false argumentation re: climate change.

        • NikFromNYC says:

          Your straw man argument is folly. Nobody denies climate change any more than anybody denies the seasons. NYC is amongst the several old world cities that retain the very longest continuous real thermometer records, and in spite of urban heat effects, these prove that recent warming is but a boring continuation of the historical trend established long before the postwar boom in carbon dioxide emissions:


          Here are some other climate “deniers” for you to fling hate speech at who you are already well aware of as national heroes with science and technical degrees:


          Not only does the Central Park thermometer record falsify supercomputer climate models upon which *all* climate alarm is based, models that vastly amplify (!) the classic greenhouse effect, but right up the Hudson stands a similarly old record at West Point, and its micro-correlation with NYC is nearly perfect but its lack of upward slope also indicates that even the warming trend in the city is way above normal due to urban heating, a fact that taints global average temperature to this day that are oddly adjusted *upwards* instead of properly downwards, making pristine rural sites that are most relevant to climate better match hothouse urban sites nearby instead of the rationally correct other way around, because math is favored over reality, math being more useful in maintaining emergency level government funding for academia and Solyandra half billion dollar boondoggles:


          That climate alarm is a hoax is now so bleedingly obvious that you bitter enders are akin to cult members after the UFOs failed to arrive. The scam is now proven in a single glance at the input data of the latest alarmist headline grabbing hockey stick:


          I’m sorry your whole progressive agenda side of politics is so fully invested in a scam, but it is, ruinously so. Enjoy your anti-fracking protests while you can, destroying our New York state economy further for a big longer, as North Dakota booms.

          -=NikFromNYC=-, Ph.D. in carbon chemistry (Columbia/Harvard)

          • Bruce Bernstein says:

            your argument is not with anyone here — it is with the vast majority of your fellow scientists at places like Harvard and Columbia, where much of the pioneering work on Anthropogenic Global Warming has been done. go argue with Dr. James Hansen. is there anyone in Geology, Chemistry, Lamont-Doherty, or the Earth Institute at columbia who agrees with you? or in similar departments at Harvard?

            if your case is so obvious, why aren’t you convincing your fellow scientists?

          • WhatsUpDuck says:

            So is the PhD from Columbia or Harvard? Big difference when it comes to the scholars and their views on climate change.
            – Duck (PhD Harvard, Master’s Columbia)

            • Bruce Bernstein says:

              i know that at Columbia there is probably something close to 100% support for Anthropogenic (human-caused) Global Warming. Are you saying this isn’t the case at Harvard?

          • NikFromNYC says:

            There are real hard science departments that are running scared in the face of Green Religious beaurocratic inspectors, and then there are Willy Wonka alarmist factories. Don’t kill me, the messanger of raw data. Science is the singular human endeavor that is defined by facts over the mere crowd. Yet you only invoke the crowd.

        • Paul RL says:

          Jeez, smh, was there anything about race in my comment? No there wasn’t. But an obvious hate-monger like yourself will certainly find something, won’t you!

          • Bruce Bernstein says:

            Paul, you implied that the form of “stop and frisk” that has been banned by our great new Mayor — racial profiling “stop and frisk” — would have prevented this shooting. “stop and frisk” for probable cause still exists and always existed. Mass “stop and frisk” with race (and sex and age — basically, young black and hispanic men) as the primary criteria no longer exists in this city.

            so there is one of two possibilities. Either you didn’t understand what the “Stop and frisk” issue was all about, or why the practice has been stopped, or you want to bring back racial profiling.

            • webot says:

              LOL,,!! good one Bruce!

              “Great New Mayor”

              you are funny.. here I thought you had no humor.


            • Bruce Bernstein says:

              get ready for two terms, baby. even the Real Estate industry loves him.

              it’s you and the NY Post… and a few more haters.

              of course if you weren’t so “anonymous” i would invite you to come to some of the UWS political clubs to debate the issue. you prefer to hide behind a nom de plume.

            • webot says:

              Bruce what is your phone number?

              Since you decided to crawl back from under your rock.

              since you are MR. Not anonymous on a blog.. so brave!

              LOL pass on the UWS political club aka marxist lenin rally.. you probably would have backed national socialism back in the day.

            • Paul RL says:

              Bruce, you’ve rendered yourself a hateful and (and at this point irrelevant) Blog Bully a long time ago. Most people reading this blog know that you have no interest in helping the UWS, only furthering some kind of extremist agenda which you cloak in liberalism. So go ahead, bait all you want.

            • Bruce Bernstein says:

              nice, Paul. Instead of answering reasoned and calm arguments, call names. Anonymously.

              scared to put a real name next to your opinions?

          • Paul RL says:

            Bruce, your blatent disrespect and purposeful misreading of everyone’s comments make you ineligible for a meaningful discussion. Sorry to not engage in your nonsense. Clean up your act and maybe you’ll get some respect in return.

            • G Gomez says:

              Now that the picture of the garbage-filled shelter courtyard is safely two pages back, Bruce can pretend he never saw it and go right back into attack mode. Avi, I don’t suppose you’d re-run it?

            • webot says:

              so True Gomez and Paul!!

              thank you!

              Bruce (if that is your real name) tell us what you think of the garbage tossed out of windows daily? In your extremist leftist world, Are you forbidden to say anything negative about the downtrodden? is everything they do given a pass?
              While anything a capitalist infidel landlord inherently wrong?

              You are such a hyprocite, that I too will no engage your idiotic retorts.

            • Bruce Bernstein says:

              Ms Gomez, what the heck does any of this have to do with the 95th street shelter discussion?

              for the record, i give you PROPS for getting that garbage cleaned up — and for using your real name in posting those photos. This is old fashioned community activism, and i respect that, even if i disagree with many of the things you say.

            • G Gomez says:

              Bruce, this is the point. You accused me, more than once, of inventing the problems I was experiencing with the shelter — and of nasty motivations in inventing them. Among other things, when I cited the garbage-filled courtyard, you dismissively said that a couple of pieces of garbage in an alley don’t make a nuisance.

              Then when Avi posts my photo of the garbage, proving that my complaint was valid, you disappeared from the comments for a couple of weeks.

              But apparently you did see the article. You just chose not to comment. That’s your prerogative, of course. But after repeatedly accusing me of fibbing and/or exaggerating, it might have been nice if you’d given me props before I called you out on it.

            • Bruce Bernstein says:

              i don’t think i EVER accused you of “fibbing or exagerating” about the garbage. (How would i know? I can’t see the alley, as you know.) What i SAID is that the complaints by many about the overall effect of the shelters on the living environment for the vast majority of the people on 95th street have been greatly exagerated. i said that UNLESS one is living right next to the shelters, as you are (windows facing them), or in the shelters, as some of the former SRO tenants are, the impact has been minimal. No extra crime, no blatant drug dealing, and so on.

            • Bruce Bernstein says:

              i didn’t realize that my praise was so important to you.

              I have argued for a rational and balanced approach to the shelters, and to hearing the voices of their residents. That is all. i think that the recent announcement negotiated by our great new Mayor and great new Borough President, cutting the population in half, is welcome and seems appropriate.

              apparently arguing for balance and rationality in issues like this drives some peopel bananas.

            • G Gomez says:

              Actually, you were so sure that I was making it all up that you were willing to switch apartments with me.

              I won’t bother getting into a pissing match with you — everyone who comments here regularly remembers our arguments, and it’s all there in writing if they care to refresh themselves. But since you are accusing other commenters of lack of accountability for their words, I felt compelled to point it out when you dodge responsibility for your own.

      • Upper West Side Wally says:

        Fourth Amendment, perchance?

    2. webot says:

      smh you are making assumptions on race.

      of commentators and of the perpetrators

    3. Christina says:

      I grew up on 95th and Columbus in the late 1960’s to mid 1970’s and never had I heard of a shooting around this area! On west 70’s and 80’s on Amsterdam yes but not on Columbus. So much for “gentrafication”.

    4. Chris says:

      That whole area between 89th and 95th on both Amsterdam and Columbus is really dingy. There is a housing project at 93rd, and not much commercial bustle. I have noticed more police walking around at night when I walk past there on the way to the gym.

    5. S. Paris says:

      They probably came out of club 72 and were heading back to their neighborhood!

    6. WhatsUpDuck says:

      I wanted to add that I rewatched “Death Wish” the other night, and my husband didn’t believe me when I told him that indeed, the UWS used to be a rough area. He didn’t believe me when I told him that it still is…and then we heard about the shots fired on 92nd.

      • webot says:

        Duck , also check out The Warriors from 1979.

        The Baseball Fury turf was 72nd and Broadway ! Of course, that was ridiculous, but it gives you an idea.

        Another one: The Goodbye Girl , also from that era. Marsha Mason gets mugged on Columubas Avenue around 74th street in broad day light. Played for laughs , but the thing is that was not viewed as far fetched.

        • WhatsUpDuck says:

          Thanks for the suggestion, Webot. “The Warriors” is a favorite film for many reasons, perhaps because while filmmakers labeled the station as the one at 96th St, they are clearly running down 71st in the scene you reference.

          Adding “The Goodbye Girl” to the queue for this week. Many thanks!!!

    7. Christina says:

      @ G Gomez, Webot, Bruce Bernstein… In reference to garbage. I live in Trump Place on Riverside Blvd. and right out my window on any given day I see 4ft. by 20 or so feet long of piled garbage along the curb on my block. So, it really isn’t a matter of shelters as far as garbage is concerned. I’ve seen rats around here too. This is a city problem not a class problem!

      • G Gomez says:

        Is it piled there in preparation for the city to come cart it away? Or do the residents of Trump Place throw it out their windows to pile up in a courtyard for weeks while residents of neighboring buildings call the Trump Place manager and 311 repeatedly, trying in vain to get it cleaned up?

        Yes, that’s what I thought.

        FYI, the shelter residents use their windows as garbage shoots. The shelter and the city didn’t do anything about it — I had to get N90s and the West Side Rag to harass them in order to get it cleaned on a regular basis. And I’m still regularly awakened by trash shattering on the pavement from shelter windows.

        Please do not compare living in Trump Place with living next to the shelter. Seriously. It’s silly. By the way, I used to live in Trump Place back when I had a fancy-pancy corporate job. Trust me — your garbage problems do not compare to mine.

        Or if you don’t trust me, flip back a couple of pages to the picture of the courtyard I share with the shelter — and realize that it isn’t a fluke thing, e.g., garbage that blew out of a garbage can in a windstorm. It’s just the way they kept the courtyard.

        • Christina says:

          @ G Gomez. I grew up on 95th St. and Columbus and then lived on 94th Street between West End and Riverside Dr. where there were 3 shelters on my block and my building was right next door to one. So yes, I can compare the two areas. FYI there have been many times when garbage haven’t been picked up for days on Trump PLace. And have people going through the garbage for bottles and cans. So please don’t be so high and mighty! I jknow both sides VERY well.