More stunning photos by Scott Matthews from 106th street and Broadway.

matthews sunrise6 matthews sunrise5 matthews sunrise4

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    1. Mark says:

      Gorgeous pictures!
      One of the benefits of getting up ridiculously early is to witness these glorious sights.

    2. grandmasterbeta says:

      Nice work!!

    3. James says:

      Wow – beautiful photos!

    4. Jake Sigal says:

      You took a picture of my usual shooting location, in the next building over.

    5. ScooterStan says:

      Ahhh…#2 reveals the technique —

      Long Exposure Time on tripod: note the track of an aircraft’s lights across the upper frame!

      Beautiful pics!!

      • Thanks! Yes, I certainly needed a tripod for these. Much boils down to the fact that I just wake up too early, and I look out every morning — once in a while we get a prettier (to my eye) morning, so I try to capture them.