boat at 76th

A yacht has been moored in the middle of the Hudson River around 76th street since the weekend, and a helicopter even landed on it on Monday.

All sorts of boats sail through the waters around New York, but four days in the Hudson in the middle of a heat wave?

A website that tracks marine traffic says the “pleasure craft” is registered to the Cayman Islands and is traveling to Portsmouth, but reveals few other details. Earlier in the week, a transponder indicated that the boat is known as T6, and was built by one of the richest men in New Zealand, John Spencer. Back in 2008 it was up for sale for a modest $58 million. It’s not clear who owns it now.

Our Facebook fans theorized that the person is a) James Bond b) “Someone told me Tom Hanks” or c) “Deboatio.”

Thanks to our tipster for the photo.

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    1. cosmoandcharlie says:

      I heard they are opening a nail salon on board.

    2. Lisa says:

      I used to live in BPC, and there were actually a lot of yachts moored there during the summertime, complete with onboard helicopters, scooters, etc. Must be nice!

    3. Ed says:

      A 3 hour tour? GILLIGAN!!!!!!

    4. Nikki says:

      “Dude, where’s my yacht?”

    5. Snoopy says:

      Must be a slow news day. A Bentley and a Rolls Royce are sometimes parked in the same garage as my VW. Would you like to investigate what they cost, who owns them, and track how they travel? Not sure if you’re simply envious of the decadence, but this coverage of a boat in the water seems a bit creepy.

      • Jeremy says:

        I think this level of animosity directed towards a blog that most of us absolutely love and appreciate is much creepier, to be honest.

      • jezbel says:

        You want fast breaking news? Hard hitting, headline scrolling news? Go watch CNN. This is the West Side Rag, my favorite upper west side news source. Love it.

    6. bill says:

      Anyone remember when the Highlander (Malcolm Forbes) was often @ 79th st? They often had bagpipers to serenade arriving guests. Ah the 1%………….

      • Lucia says:

        I always looked forward to seeing “The Highlander” moored at the 79th Street marina — thought it gave the area a bit of class…

    7. Shawn says:

      Who cares?!

    8. barrio says:

      “You didn’t build that!”

    9. Jane says:

      As former, very long time Westsider, I remember in the 60s Aristotle Onassis’s yacht moored just about this one is. It was there for many days and had Winston Churchill

    10. Chris says:

      I heard “Al” Sharpton recently acquired this boat so he could transverse Manhattan without the traffic.