“Atabey’s Land Haven”, by Phyllis Sanfiorenzo.

Students from The Art Students League have placed seven sculptures in Riverside Park between 59th and 69th streets as part of a five-year partnership with the city to enliven the park, and they’ll be taken away after Friday. It’s worth a stroll through Riverside Park South. Learn more about the program here.

The sculptures were created by an international team of selected League students during a nine-month program. The pieces for this exhibition explore “The Architecture of Nature.”  The artists are: Laura Barmack, Janet Fekete-Bolton, Ana Sofìa Martì, Lindsay McCosh, Phyllis Sanfiorenzo, Natsuki Takauji, and Minako Yoshino.

A new set of sculptures should arrive in the park by June 11.

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    1. Leda says:

      This year’s artworks have been great. There’s even a huge swing you can ride in! And they’ll be replaced with 7 new ones in June!

    2. Sally Olds says:

      These are wonderful — and you can get information about all the sculptures by calling 646-205-8057. Sally

    3. Roz Goldfarb says:

      Thanks for including this but you should also add that this years selection from the Art Student’s League program M2M – Model to Monument – opens June 11th.

    4. DMH says:

      Love these! Such a treat in the park.

      There’s a new sculpture in the median at 79th and Broadway too, where the ConEd sphere was, I think? It would be great to know more about the artist.

    5. Arlene S Zivitz says:

      What a fabulous idea !!!