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Police are increasing patrols after three separate incidences of violence in Central Park over the weekend, top officials said on Monday.

“Additional cops are being deployed on scooters and in marked cars with their lights on to deter crooks and make parkgoers feel safe,” officials told the Post.

We previously reported on two of the crimes — an assault by more than a dozen men and women against a couple in Heckscher Playground near 63rd street Saturday night, and an attack and robbery on a man Sunday around 1 a.m. near Belvedere Castle. In addition, a 19-year-old woman was mugged at knifepoint for her wallet on Sunday night at around 8:15 p.m. at 110th street and East Drive. No one had been arrested for the crimes as of Monday afternoon.

“Those events of those incidents, no relationship to each other. Every once in a while you have that aberration. That park remains one of the safest places in America,” said NYPD Commissioner William Bratton. NYPD Chief of Detectives Robert Boyce said that robberies were flat in Central Park before the weekend and reiterated that it’s “a very safe place.”

Police released the video below of the people allegedly involved in the Saturday night attack at Heckscher Playground.

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    1. Sam says:

      “That park remains one of the safest places in America,” said Police commissioner William Bratton.”

      This statement is a perfect example of arrogant, head in the sand perception. Even if the Compstat numbers are accurate, and every single crime committed was reported to the NYPD and then classified correctly, that still leaves 26 crimes committed.

      To say that Central Park is still one of the safest places in America is laughable. I believe it’s a safe place given its location, but come on Bratton get your head outta your ass!

      • Christina says:

        Exactly! And it certainly isn’t safe at night after dark. Especially at 1am and not even at 8:15 pm at certain locations in park. People need to use their senses and get street smart!

    2. AC says:

      This idiots will be caught by the end of the week. With social media; big brother watching; and through word of mouth, these young punks will accidentally turn themselves in.

    3. So much for “The Great Society.

      Violent creatures.

      • Bruce Bernstein says:

        yup, nothing racist about that comment. keep moving, nothing to see here.

        • ScooterStan says:


          Guess what; a PUNK is a PUNK no matter WHAT the color of his/her skin!

          Actually, not calling out PUNKS of one particular race is REVERSE RACISM. In effect you are saying, “We can never expect anything good out of a particular race so it’s not worth pointing out their bad behavior.”

          And the GOOD GUYS of any race KNOW that they will NEVER be called PUNKS because they NEVER do anything ‘PUNK-Y’

          • Bruce Bernstein says:

            … and explain to me what any of this has to do with “The Great Society”?

          • UWS-Guy says:

            You will never get agreement from “Set-em loose Bruce”. Anything that smacks of being even slightly un PC and he will call it racism. I will say it again. These perps are animals. Why do I say that? Animals travel in packs and attack as well. Has nothing to do with Race.

    4. Leda says:

      Avi, did you see that this piece was picked up by the NYT blog-New York Today?? And we heard it here first!

    5. uwsGUY says:

      Compstats don’t reflect increase in crime.
      NYPD would have an insentive to report these numbers since they are blaming city hall of being lax on crime.

    6. Debbie D says:

      Article about crime AND changes in policing?

      This should be an interesting comments section. Do we think the “socialist communists” or the “racist silver spooners” will be more bigoted?

      *pops several bags of popcorn to watch*

    7. Christina says:

      Sometimes it takes something horrible to happen to get anything done!