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By Krista Carter

The streets in the Lincoln Square area could see major changes this summer after a community board committee approved a plan to extend the Columbus Avenue bike lane and reconfigure some of the dicey crossing between 63rd and 66th street around Broadway. The full plan is detailed in a DOT presentation available here.

The plan would extend the protected Columbus Avenue bike lane from where it ends at 69th street down to 67th, where the protected section would end and a green lane would begin. Part of the next three blocks would be demarcated by flexible plastic stakes, until 64th street where the protected lane would start up again. Once complete, the bike lane will stretch from 110th street to 59th, where it will meet up with the 9th Avenue protected lane. This slide shows the plan for the top section of the bike lane:

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Here are the basics of the plan, which has been tweaked since we wrote about it in December.

Area of focus:  63rd Street to 66th Street along Broadway and Columbus Avenue

DOT Solutions:

  1. Shorten pedestrian crossings

  2. Improve pedestrian space

  3. Reduce vehicle/pedestrian conflicts

  4. Create additional and safe crossings

  5. Improve signal timing

  6. Clarify street markings

  7. Connect bike lanes

How it will work in different sections:

Bow Tie North of 65th St:

Bow Tie at 65th St:

Bow Tie South of 65th St:


Commuity Board concerns:


Images via NYC DOT.

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    1. Steve says:

      Anything is better than the current configuration! Bring it on!

    2. Jeremy says:

      Prohibiting that left turn from Columbus to Broadway is going to heap unintended consequences all over the place. I can’t even figure out the upside of that.

      • Steve says:

        Cars not turning into cyclists/pedestrians?

        • Jeremy says:

          Well, that crosswalk isn’t there right now (and isn’t really necessary) so they’re not protecting any pedestrians. Honestly, it looks like they’re creating this inefficiency to accommodate the spooked bikers that can’t handle the traffic flow. That’s quite something. Sucks to live on Broadway – that’s where a lot of the morning rush traffic is going to move to in order to get to Columbus Circle.

          • DMH says:

            Do you ever walk in this area? Shop at the shops? Catch a movie at Lincoln Plaza? I just can’t imagine regularly spending time here and calling better crosswalks unnecessary! But per the DOT presentation, a high concentration of the crashes at this spot are sideswipes or merging/turning vehicles.

    3. ron shapley(NYC) says:

      But where does it take human stupidity out of the equation ???

    4. Andrea says:

      As a perpetually challenged pedestrian using this vital space, I am thrilled that DOT is addressing all of my own safety concerns. Crossing these intersections as they currently exist is a truly daunting endeavor. It’s about time! Hooray!

    5. James Berry says:

      I have lived on West 65th Street for 40 years and want to commend the DOT for finally addressing a dangerous traffic situation. Good work. The next problem to address are the rude and aggressive bicyclists who run red lights, ride the wrong way on one-way streets, drive at night with no lights and just generally don’t care about pedestrians. They seem to think that they are entitled to do whatever they want and couldn’t care less about others.