The glass door at clothing store Vince was smashed.

On Wednesday we heard about a crime, a tragedy and a messy inconvenience. And police released images related to a crime from a couple of months ago.

Vince, the high-end clothing store on Columbus Avenue between 71st and 72nd streets, was broken into either late on Tuesday or early Wednesday. The burglars bashed through the glass front door and stole several items, according to police and an employee at the store. In September, Wyatt Lily two blocks North was also broken into in similar fashion.

The 20th precinct is looking into the burglaries, according to Barbara Adler of the Columbus Avenue Business Improvement District. She is urging store owners to help police catch whoever might be responsible: “Typically, the glass is broken with a brick or similar object, and high-end merchandise is stolen. Caren Machado, our crime-prevention officer from the 20th Precinct along with several others, are trying to track down this perpetrator, but as yet have been unable to capture his picture. They are asking that you please focus your security cameras on your door or towards the front of the store.”

A dog was killed by a truck in Central Park on Wednesday morning, the conservancy confirmed. Our tipster Margaret wrote: “This morning a dog was killed in Central Park at about 100th street inside the park/along the road. I was running by and as i got there you could hear the owner sobbing from a far. It seemed like the dog was off the leash and was hit by a garbage truck. The truck stayed on the sceneĀ  – there were tons of police and fire trucks. Very devastating. Keep dogs on the leash even when you are allowed to take them off the leash.”

A water pipe was leaking at 65th street and Amsterdam Avenue, and the water and steam had to be temporarily shut down at Lincoln Center Wednesday morning around 9 a.m. It turned out the pipe was on Lincoln Center’s private property, so it was their responsibility.

A 29-year-old man had his iPhone stolen on the 1 train around 110th street on September 25 at 5:15 p.m. and police have released photos of suspects in the case, according to DNAinfo. “Once the doors opened, one of them, a man wearing a red and white wind breaker with a beanie, snatched the straphanger’s iPhone 4S and fled onto the platform with the three others, NYPD officials said. The victim ran after them but the phone snatcher slugged him in the face and escaped, police said.” Police released the photos below.

suspects iphone

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    1. whatsupduck says:

      Maybe someone can enlighten me:
      Why does the MTA put up signs touting its expanded WiFi service, and then place signs only a few feet away cautioning riders about cell phone/electronics thefts?

      • RF says:

        It’s a good point. Not that the wifi service is of much benefit, anyway. It takes so long to search for the network and then read/watch/listen to the ads we’re required to wade through in order to connect, that by the time I’ve accessed the wifi the train has arrived.

      • B.W. says:

        Because of incidents like this, I imagine?

      • jeshek says:

        it’s great to have wifi service to use when needed (confirm an address, I’m running late, etc), yet you should still use caution and common sense when using devices in public, just like on the street or a park.
        Maybe we can learn to be thankful for added services instead of searching for reasons to complain.

        • Independent says:

          “Maybe we can learn to be thankful for added services instead of searching for reasons to complain.”

          Maybe /you/ (not “we”) can learn to simply ignore such harmless comments as these instead of posting such condescending replies.

          Tell you’re not a teacher (or coach, etc.)

      • Jose Habib says:

        I don’t understand why anyone would want Wi-Fi in the subway over cellular service (which would give you internet access anyway). They should just keep expanding cellular service to all the stations and forget about Wi-Fi.

    2. Brian says:

      The ads to get on the subway WiFi were drastically improved. You now only have to sit through a very quick, 10 second advertisement (that is minimally obtrusive) to get online.

    3. pjrod says:

      Jeshek- you are 100% correct. Independent is obviously a complete d________.