fall san remo

This is it. The shot that reminds you why you live in New York, the shot that could make someone leave Los Angeles just to experience what it’s like to have different seasons.

Fall doesn’t last long in New York City, but holy crap is it lovely. Thanks to Carol Cain for this photo of the Lake and the San Remo, and check out others she posted on twitter below.

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    1. James says:

      Any word on Jazz & Colors in the park this fall?

    2. Karen says:

      Just beautiful. I’ll be forwarding this to my two stray, recently moved-to-California family members. If this doesn’t make them realize the error of their ways, nothing will!

    3. Steve says:

      I’m a native Angeleno who moved to New York long ago and this is one of the reasons (not having to drive is another big plus in NYC). Just yesterday I looked out my window and did a double take at the beautiful changing leaves down below.

    4. Nancy Kaye says:

      Crazy that I had to see this magnificence on line – live blocks away and to don’t get there.

    5. ScooterStan says:

      YES…and thanks to the efforts of the Central Park Conservancy, the park is an absolute treasure in all seasons both for New Yorkers and for the thousands of tourists who flock to it.

      Membership (and thus giving) to the Conservancy is important, BUT MORE IMPORTANT is to become vocal and FIGHT BACK against the New Robin Hoods (i.e. City Council member Daniel Squadron, the mayor, etc.) who are proposing that the various park conservancies be forced to donate as much as 20% of their revenue to OTHER parks in the outer boroughs!!!

      Squadron et. al. are willfully ignoring the fact that the C.P. Conservancy already, unbidden, sends out crews to these parks to work with Parks Dept. employees maintaining these parks.

      Also if Squadron’s plan is adopted, CPC members will balk at continuing their donations if they know that money is supporting not their beloved park but some park in some neighborhood they never heard of.

      But of course these Robin Hoods, so eager to perpetuate their Tale of Two Cities agenda, are more interested in scoring Liberal Talking Points than in listening to reason and logic.

      We need to get Council Member Rosenthal, Boro President Brewer, etc. on the side of Central Park Conservancy and be sure they promise to oppose Squadron’s neo-socialist plan.

    6. chris says:


      Jazz and Colors takes place in the park on Sunday Nov 9th – this Sunday.

    7. 92nd Street says:


      Great photo’s Carol Cain.

      How many other cities worldwide can boast of a seasonal park in the middle of the city?

      We are lucky