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Does it bother you that every tourist and teenagers can’t seem to enjoy Central Park without taking a picture of their pimply faces with famous landmarks in the background? Then you might enjoy this video of comedian Jena Kingsley enforcing completely fake “selfie-free zones” (until an actual parks official shuts her down).

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    1. Artistry is alive and well here in NYC. Loved this.

    2. ELJ says:

      If only it was real…

    3. ScooterStan says:

      Even MORE annoying than narcissistic shmo’s taking selfies in the park are the narcissistic philistines taking selfies in front of great art at MoMA, The Met, etc.

      They probably post it to their Facebook “Wall” with a caption like, “This is ME at MoMA in front of some art that’s supposed to be famous or something … whatever!”

      Speaking of Facebook Walls, let us recall this from that deceased former president who has returned to us as an airport in DeeCee, “Mr. Gorbachev, Tear Down This Wall!”

    4. Scott says:

      If only we could get them to stop in front of The Dakota.

      “Here is our picture where a man was murdered. Don’t we look happy!”

      Drives me nuts. I will stop for most tourists taking pictures, but not here.

    5. jill says:

      make the whole park no selfe zone.

    6. Aunt Renie says:

      Love it! Where can I get a copy of the poster? Is it on line to print?

    7. Liz says:

      If only this were true. The most annoying “selfies” are a events such a weddings.

      Selfies at weddings take away from the special moment for the bride and groom. Also,the people taking the selfies are not participating in the amazing experience happening before their eyes.

      Selfies are a form of selfishness. It make the picture taker the center of attention and not the event.

      Selfies are like the jerk who has to give a minute by minute recounting over a cell phone to someone who is not present at the event.

      Some times TMI is really TMI even if it is a selfie.