Bomboloni, the Italian doughnut and gelato spot on Columbus Avenue between 68th and 69th street, was closed on Monday and Tuesday and a sign on the window says the space is for lease. We contacted owner David Ruggerio but haven’t heard back about what happened. The coffee machine and other items were still inside the restaurant. No one was answering the phone on Wednesday.

Ruggerio and partners once owned Lansky’s, Jalapeno and Bomboloni, three Columbus Avenue staples, but they’ve all since closed (assuming Bomboloni is gone for good).

Joe and C Deli on the North side of 72nd street between West End Avenue and Broadway has also closed, two readers said. “Joe and C Deli is a personal loss for me as I was very fond of their Mixed Meat Italian Hero Sandwich,” wrote Alan.

Joes Deli

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    1. Mike says:

      Walked past this last night and was also confused – wasn’t Bomboloni supposed to be expanding into the space next door, previously occupied by Jalapeno? Maybe they’re just going to be taking over that space, instead?

    2. ka says:

      Saw that, too, and got confused. I thought they were expanding to become Bar Bomboloni. A couple of months ago there were actually notes for architects on the windows. Made me think the plans were moving accordingly.

      Smells like something deeper going on. Or not.

    3. Jeff says:

      I’m sad about Joe & C. It was downstairs from me and was the epitome of a bare-bones bodega, but still a bummer to see it go. I was told that the rent increased 4% annually (which seems fair) and that it just got to the point of being too much. There always seemed to be decent foot traffic, but I can’t help but think the place hastened its demise by failing to accept credit cards, stock decent beer and snacks, etc., especially since there’s a superette that checks those boxes and is just a half-block away at 72nd & West End.

    4. DT says:

      Who keeps financing David Ruggerio? He had his moment of being a well-known and respected chef a number of years ago, but that star has faded. Seems like every time he opens a restaurant, it closes within a year. (Lansky’s was around a bit longer, but still…)

      Don’t get why his name still carries weight.

      And it’s a shame about Joe & C deli. That’s a tough block to be successful, but it’s been around for years.

    5. Bob says:

      the corner of west 68th has taken a beating lately. We lost a bodega, jalepeno was an incredible bottomless brunch, not Bombolini. I wasn’t a huge fan but saw promise in it taking over the Jalepeno Spot as Bar Bombolini… now it sounds like that isn’t happening? Que? Maybe I just need to walk over and find out.

    6. Liz says:

      I’m really sorry to see another mom and pop type deli close. So many of these great little delis that have wonderful soups and sandwiches and are run by real down to earth people just can no longer survive the astronomical rents being asked by landlords on the UWS.

      Rumor has it that the deli on Columbus and 73rd, next to the Starbucks will be closing soon. Just way too many delis have closed on the UWS in the past 7 – 8 years. The deli on 72nd between Broadway and Columbus, the deli on 71st and Broadway, the deli on 75th and Columbus, the deli on Amsterdam between 73rd and 74th St, the deli on 75th and Amsterdam (now Pour Wines) and the wonderful Broadway Delights which was located on Broadway between 75th and 76th Streets.

      I came to NYC back in 1977 when NYC had a funky, gritty feel to it. Now, I feel so heartbroken every time I see Disney Land at Time Square, the horrible pedestrian malls (outside of already existing parks!!!!) and just one after another after another of franchise and chain stores.

      Oh New York, New York we hardly knew ye.

      • Bill de Bacle says:

        Oh yes, NYC in the 70s when the crime rate was through the roof. So cute and gritty! Well, no worries…we are quickly returning to those times with this mayor.

      • RK says:

        Second that. i moved to NY in 1978, and remember getting mugged on blocks which are now luxe, Amsterdam Avenue was a “no go zone”, no one went about 96th st, etc. Ah, grittiness!

      • Roy says:

        Wait’ll the horse carriages are replaced by Chitty-Chitty BangBang cars. There’s Disney for ya.

    7. Gretchen says:

      Perhaps delis have become a redundancy with all the numerous Duane Reades and its ilk selling a large variety of fresh food and groceries, and often at lower prices than the mom & dad delis & bodegas. A lot of these delis don’t look very clean and their food products not so fresh either. I personally can’t remember the last time I stepped foot in a deli.

    8. peter montalbano says:

      I have had conversations with most of the partners from David’s shops…They were all screwed out of there investments he pocketed all the profits. He will be getting visitors at the new pizza shop on 125 street, who has he sucked in this. you can look on line Google worst tax payer in nyc he is on the list over a million owed and never pays.