Cafe Frida on Amsterdam Avenue between 97th and 98th streets closed on Friday, and it’s expected to be replaced next weekend by a new Mexican restaurant, a waitress there told us.

Orale, the new restaurant, will have a larger variety of menu items and may even be less expensive, the waitress said. The company that owns Cafe Frida also owns Cafe Ronda and El Mitote.

That company also owned Rigoletto on 72nd street, but that restaurant closed last week and is expected to reopen shortly as a new organic food, juice and flatbread restaurant called Communal. Clearly, the owners are shaking things up. We’re checking in with management for more details.

Cafe Frida has another location on Columbus and 77th street, which opened in 2000; there’s no indication it’s closing.

Thanks to our anonymous tipster.

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    1. Jack says:

      Dang, I really liked Cafe Frida. The service was always really good. Hopefully the new place is as good.

    2. Amy says:

      Cafe Frida was my favorite neighborhood spot! hope this one is as inviting… and opens soon…

    3. Amriel says:

      Less expensive than Cafe Frida, so $19 tacos?

    4. Duckwise says:

      Oh god, this headline gave me a small panic attack! I’m sorry they are closing the up(per)town location, but so happy the 77th street location is staying open.

    5. Liz says:

      Folks are saying Chinese restaurants are now all the rage of the UWS.

      Maybe not!! There are so many new Mexican restaurants opening on the UWS. Mexican has many types — LA-Mex, Tex-Mex, etc.

      Best LA-Mex in NYC — Lupe’s — 6th Ave and Watts Street. A hole in the wall but absolutely the best Gauc – fresh made with lots of green chilies.