sal and carmine

Sal and Carmine’s, the longtime pizza joint at 102nd and Broadway, was shuttered on Thursday because of nonpayment of taxes according to a notice on the door.

Update: The restaurant reopened a few hours after being closed after clearing up a misunderstanding at the tax office, owner Lou Gaudioso told us. Gaudioso is Sal’s grandson.

Sal and Carmine’s has been around for more than 50 years. Sal, a legend in the neighborhood, died in 2009. They posted this on Facebook last week:

“Hate the snow? Like Pizza? Here is a story about both. Back in 1996 I remember opening the garage and looking out into the driveway at a wall of snow, I asked Sal where he was going and he said “To work, close the garage” I remember thinking how is he going to get to work, everything was shutdown, Well he made it, he walked to the George Washington Bridge and the Port Authority police drove him across. An amazing hard working man, always wanting to open and bring pizza to our customers. I have the same work ethic today, always opening no matter what it looks like out side. You cant beat a classic on a cold day.”

Here’s hoping they get the restaurant reopened shortly.

sal carmine2

Thanks to Susie for the photos.

Correction: We originally reported incorrectly that it was the city that shut the restaurant down.

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    1. Bruce Bernstein says:

      oh no… what a wonderful place… Louis, George, and Carmine… all “family”.

    2. jerry says:

      Just there last (Thursday) night. Got the big pie to go. And again, this is the best on the UWS. I take my pizza seriously – to the point of going down to Lombardi’s and Bleeker Street Pizza for a couple of years…but then decided to give S&C another try last summer and have been going back ever since for the perfect Old School pie.

    3. webot says:

      best pizza in New York City.


    4. webot says:

      Yes Bruce.

      You will also note that I have given up on replying to you on anything RENT or gentrification related.

      I am glad to see you care about other things. I am still not sure why you get so emotional and in my opinion irrational.
      The goal should be to build more housing for all. That is the only way to create true affordability. Not having politicians fall over themselves with regard to a small gym. We all need to prioritize.

    5. Christina says:

      They are the best! Been going to them sice I was a kid!!!

    6. Eddie says:

      Is this perhaps the real reason why Sal and Carmine’s has been closed since last week? What’s going on with this place? Very unusual to say the least. IT used to be open all the time when Sal was around like clockwork. Now its a total crap shoot. Looks like Lou may be in over his head this time over not wanting to pay for gas.