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The Upper West Side is getting new clothing stores and a bank, but we lost one of our last camera stores.

Big Drop NYC, a high-end women’s clothing store, opened recently at 253 Columbus Avenue (between 71st and 72nd), the former home of Laila Rowe. Check out the website here.

A woman getting a tour of the new luxury rental The Larstrand on 77th and Broadway was told that a new Marshalls is coming to the building to join the CVS thats already slated to open on the ground floor. Maybe it’s a consolation prize for losing Filene’s a couple years ago? Our tipster said the news was disappointing, another sign of the UWS becoming a suburban mall: “The building is great looking and could have housed things much better than a Marshall’s and CVS.”

Cardinal Camera, which replaced Ritz Camera on Broadway between 88th and 89th Streets, has closed after less than a year. Just the fact that a new camera shop opened at all seemed amazing at the time.

A new Capital One Bank is opening at 750 Columbus Avenue at the corner of 97th street, which is the former home of a dry cleaners.

cardomatThere is also a new mystery retailer coming to the former home of Cardomat on Broadway between 112th and 113th. In an interview with the Columbia Spectator, a Columbia official said it should open next year.

“We have a new tenant identified. Construction hasn’t begun yet—there are still some details being worked out, which means I can’t really give you a scoop on who it will be. I have a sense that we’ll all be very delighted…

Q. So will the new tenant be something unique in this retail corridor?

Yeah, absolutely, absolutely. I think we’re all going to be quite pleased. It’s never over until it’s over, but continuing on a positive course, it will probably be open in the spring or summer.”

If you hear anything about the mystery retailer, let us know!

Thanks to all our tipsters.

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    1. martha says:

      I’d love to have a Marshall’s up here. I miss Filene’s Basement — and I am not young or slim enough to patronize Banana Republic. In fact, if I want to avoid the nightmare that is Macy’s, I must spend too much money at Chico’s. For goodness sake, let’s welcome the affordable prices of a Marshall’s as we welcome the ethos of a new mayor. No Walmarts. We have enough Bed, Bath, & Beyonds. Let’s get us a Marshall’s.

    2. Ken says:

      Interior demolition started this week at the former Saigon Grill location at Amsterdam and 90th. There are unconfirmed reports that it will become a physical therapy practice.

      • Drew says:

        Not a chance that will be a physical therapy space. That kind of frontage on the corner. Not a CHANCE that’s a feasible business.

        I heard there were a few different restaurants looking at the space.

        What’s your source?

        • Ken says:

          I do understand what you are saying. Info came from a neighborhood business. They also seem to be building-out the basement space too – so maybe it’s two businesses. Not sure the owners would want another restaurant in the space however. The loud picketing outside Saigon Grill went on for multiple years and there were a lot of very unhappy condo owners on the upper floors as a result. Anyway – time will tell.

    3. DL says:


      Why not try Loehmann’s, Fox’s, or Century 21?

    4. LG says:

      YIPPEE I can not wait for Marshalls to be on the UWS. There’s only two in Manhattan and they are such great stores even compared to TJ Max and Century 21 that it’s wonderful news if it happens. Marshalls would be a great addition to UWS discount shopping scene, which appears to be raging right alongside the more upscale influx. Please keep us posted on the opening.