By Cheryl Wischhover

Watch your ass, cronut. There’s a new trendy treat in town, if the owners of the new Treat House (452 Amsterdam Avenue between 81st and 82nd) have anything to say about it: Get ready for gourmet rice krispies treats.

I’ve been walking past Treat House for weeks now on my way to SoulCycle (irony), and have been wondering what kind of treats we were going to be, well, treated to, here on the UWS. (Please, no more cupcakes or fro-yo. We’re glutted up here.) While I was at a beauty press event earlier this week, I had the pleasure of meeting Treat House’s owner, Chris Russell.

Russell, a cook and veteran of the NYC restaurant scene, was inspired to start Treat House after he made some fancy rice krispie treats for his sons to sell lemonade-stand style to raise money for charity. People lined up for seconds and thirds, and an idea was born.

I had the opportunity to taste one and let me tell you — these are not your mom’s rice krispie treats. I had the caramel sea salt flavor, and it was blissful. Other flavors to look forward to include chocolate mint, s’mores, red velvet, chocolate raspberry, and tons more. A square will set you back $2.25, and 10 cents of every treat sold will be donated to the New York Food Bank. Russell is hoping to open the shop by the end of the month.

I love the idea of fancy rice krispie treats, but when is someone going to make Jell-o cool?

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    1. David Goldwasser says:

      Thanks for the fun and informative article! Alas, there is no hope for a food group that holds bananas in a green stasis…of course, since it’s the UWS someone will surely counter with “heart friendly, gluten and peanut free” flavored Cheerio squares…

    2. Jeff says:

      Is it just me or is the UWS the king of NYC neighborhoods when it comes to desserts? We’ve got Momofuku, Sugar & Plumm, Crumbs, Magnolia, Beard Papa, Jacques Torres, Bomboloni, Levain and who-knows-how-many standard bakeries and grocers with abundant sweets, and now gourmet Rice Krispies treats. Amazing.

      • Cato says:

        Don’t forget Baked by Melissa, a two-bite cupcake for a dollar. And this one’s going to top that — looks like two bites of rice krispies and melted marshmallow for $2.25!

        Chew slowly, o ye of wealth. Here’s another one just for you!

        Guess I’m just a Hostess Cupcake kinda guy disappointed to suddenly find himself living in Artisanal Dessert Boutique territory.

        (Dag nabbit, there go my sour grapes showing again…..)

    3. Foodie says:

      These are actually the best and most unique desserts / snacks we have in the UWS…and I discovered they are also on the east side too!

      I was surprised how much I loved them. I thought by the description that they might be just for kids. But, absolutely not…I have brought them to a few parties and EVERYONE was eating them.

      I guess my favorite thing is that some are very sweet, some not so sweet at all, and everything in between. I also love that they are small and it makes it so I can get a few — and eat a variety of flavors!

      Hey Treat House….maybe I should be a spokesperson! I really love your treats!