A few restaurants are opening soon in locations that were recently vacated, and another spot is set to reopen after a long closure.

A restaurant (or possibly a bar) called Barley & Grain is opening in the former home of Monaco on the corner of 80th and Amsterdam. Details about it are scarce, but our tipster Ira tells us that it will open in the next few weeks. The owners (B&G Restaurants LLC) did apply for a liquor license, but there are no records at the state liquor authority of a restaurant at that location having received a license. Thanks to Angie and Ira for the tips and photos.

Burke & Wills, an Australian bistro, is replacing the recently closed Sunburnt Calf at 229 West 79th street.¬†Owners Tim Harris and Matilda Boland and chef¬†Stan Matusevich have put together a menu full of meat and fish, from a bass ceviche to lamb croquettes to steaks and larger fish dishes. There’s also a ‘Roo Burger (as in kangaroo!) and daily rotisserie specials. The menu is here. It will also serve cocktails and specialize in wines from Australia, New Zealand and South Africa. It’s expected to open July 24, a rep tells us.

Yogurtland (“the land of endless yogurt possibilities”) will open in the former home of 420 Bar & Grill at 420 Amsterdam Avenue near 80th, less than half a block away from Pinkberry, says Elana. Is there room enough for two fro-yo spots?!?

Casa Pomona, a Spanish restaurant on Columbus Avenue between 84th and 85th streets, has been closed for months because of a water main break and then problems with gas, is set to reopen next month, according to a sign on the door. We’ve heard Kefi next door could take longer to reopen.

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    1. TG says:

      Uh, barley is a grain.

      • Jeff says:

        Correct, but the usage here implies a beer-and-spirits establishment.

        • TG says:

          But…brewers call it grain, too, so I don’t get the distinction.

          • Jeff says:

            In the alcohol industry, a brewer will usually be more specific about the grain used, e.g. barley or hops, whereas hard liquor is more likely to use a generic term, e.g. Absolut Vodka’s label, which describes being “distilled from grain grown in the rich fields of southern Sweden.”

            There are many, many exceptions to this, but at a very high level, beer is a bit more likely to talk about the actual type of grain. And to be clear, this is just a theory I have about the nature of this business, based on a tip from a local bartender.

    2. MrMeow says:

      Since Casa Pomona is back open after the water main break, is Kefi far behind?

    3. robert says:

      Does anybody ever notice that all these new “hip & happaning” UWS exotic restaurant that UWS folks get so over the moon about just don’t make it. They are mostly just fads,while GREAT restaurants like V&T’s Italian have been at 110 and Amsterdam since 1949. They cook everything to your taste when you order it. The food is not cooked in advance and then reheated. Its a 3rd genereation family run restaurant. A full dinner with a main dish, that comes with a side order along with a drink will run you about $20 a person.
      They have been serving great food for over 60 years,and the place is still packed ever night, they also deliver!! So if you want to really support the UWS mom and pops eat here not a the latest new place in the 70’s or 80’s that is talked about in some blog or review!

      • Jeff says:

        It’s good that the UWS supports simple family restaurants, but the neighborhood is also in desperate need of establishments with modern tastes in food and drink. If I’m paying to go out, I want something special.

    4. manicrose says:

      Thank god there’s finally another frozen yogurt place around here–it’s been several weeks since a new one opened, so I was scared we were running low!!! Phew. Hopefully new ones will keep popping up on every block, so we never have to face a yogurtless UWS.

      • Cato says:

        Well, if the market craves all that FroYo then pretty soon Duane Reade will start selling frozen yogurt and all those stand-alones will go out of business, making room for more …. yep, you guessed it! Duane Reades!

        On every block! Or more!

    5. Wombat UWS says:

      Re: V&T .. Would love to continue to support V&T but last few times Ive been there it’s been Dirty , Dirty , Dirty !! Time for a little spring cleaning and some decor that has not dirty from years of collected debris.

    6. adami says:

      “Barley & Grain” is just slightly a better name for a bar/restaurant than “Aged” which is to say, not very good. I expect it to do just as well.

    7. Janelle says:

      There was also a thai restaurant that opened last Thursday on the corner of Columbus Avenue and 105th St called Tum&Yum replacing a chinese takeout place. I tried the drunken noodles and thai green papaya salad. It was pretty good!

    8. Westcyde says:

      New Chipole on 83rd and Broadway. Use to be a Japaneese spot next to Artie’s.

      Also. SH (Social House) across the street from Gin Mill. Thank God! When was the last time we had a new bar (not restuarant with a bar) in the neighborhood?