A hot new restaurant and a longtime favorite on Columbus Avenue between 84th and 85th streets have both been forced to close for an extended period of time because of a water main break on Columbus Avenue.

Casa Pomona, a new Spanish restaurant that had recently gotten a very nice endorsement from the Village Voice’s Michael Musto, has been closed since January because of the water main break, and doesn’t expect to open until mid-April. In a short impromptu review in January, Musto had said “I’m going to lick the stains off the menu as soon as I finish writing this.”

Kefi, a popular mid-priced Greek restaurant next door to Casa Pomona, has also been forced to close. An employee told us the doors would likely be shut for three weeks, and a message on the company’s voice mail says that the restaurant can’t get any gas because of he water main break. Kefi has struggled somewhat in recent months, closing briefly because of a failed health inspection. The owners were also sued last year by a former employee over wages.

Even if the building gives the restaurants a break on rent, it’s clearly a huge blow, as the restaurants still have to pay their staff in the interim, or expect them to go to other jobs.

Photo by Serious Eats.

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    1. funnyguy says:

      Had the Cass Pomona paella at the September street fair. It was great. However the restaurant prices seemed way too high (for the paella ). They should really knock it down to bring in more business.