The city has just updated its hurricane evacuation zones, and they now cover quite a bit more area than the old zones.

Upper West Siders who live near the Hudson River are covered in evacuation zones, and in the event of a big storm could be forced to leave their homes. We have included an interactive evacuation map below.  Among the new areas covered are the streets West of Amsterdam Avenue in the low 60’s and the area West of Riverside Drive above 96th street (it’s not clear if the apartments on Riverside Drive itself are included, but in the event of a hurricane you could type your address into a map and find out if the evacuation order covers you.)

Previously the only evacuation zone in the neighborhood was the area around the Trump development just off of the Hudson River from 59th to 72nd streets.

The city expanded the overall number of zone classifications to six from three (from A, B and C to 1 through 6), allowing officials to include about 600,000 more people in new evacuation zones. “The increased number of zones will provide the City with more flexibility in targeting areas to evacuate in advance of a predicted storm,” the city said in a statement. Now nearly 3 million New Yorkers are part of an evacuation zone.

Check out the map below. A link to it is also here.

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