A new retail strip is being built on Columbus Avenue between 92nd and 93rd street, and the neighborhood is likely to get some new stores in the not-too-distant future.

Party City, a party and Halloween retailer, agreed to lease  a 13,000 square foot store in the new development two years ago, although it was expected to open in 2012. The majority of the store is going to be underground. It’s unclear what other stores will go into the development, which is at the base of 100 West 93rd street, a luxury condo building.

It doesn’t sound like the rest of the space has been rented yet, A few weeks ago, realtors listed 23,000 square feet of space in the development, the same amount that was available as of 2011.

“Party City is a great anchor for the new retail development at 670 Columbus Avenue,” says Josh Siegel, president of Starrett Development, in a press release sent out in 2011. “and we are excited to find additional strong retailers that will be an asset for the surrounding community for the remaining spaces.”

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    1. Anthony Bellov says:

      While the neighborhood welcomes new shopping opportunities, and the strip (or what’s RENTED of it) along Columbus north of 96th appears to be doing fairly well, there are TOO MANY VACANT STORES throughout the area. Look at Broadway for instance. Old-time faves (and how many supermarkets?) have closed because if INSANE RENTS and what’s moving in are national chains.

      So – – – time will tell if this is ultimately a good thing or a bad thing. One thing is certain – – It’s definitely NOT a NEW YORK thing.

      • Ken says:

        Who would have guessed that the UWS needed 13,000 square feet of party supplies? I’ll be interested to see how this works out for them.

        • Beth says:

          If you haven’t already noticed, there are a lot of children living on the UWS. Parents are always looking for birthday party supplies. This store will do very well.

          • Ken says:

            Beth – you are so right! Was not thinking about kids birthday parties. That is the key! Also, shows that we are still middle class enough that everybody isn’t just hiring party planners to stage and kids parties.

      • WestSider says:

        oh Anthony…….wah new york is not the same…..wah,,,too many chain stores………wah, wah……come on ……you are right about one thing new york is not the same , it is better.

        remember this area was so bad is almost completely demolished in a foolish urban renewal plan. this building was part of that. getting rid of towers in the park and adding retail is a good thing and welcome here.

        • Phil says:

          It’s precisely people like this (NY is better ideology) that made me say, you know what?..if that’s the majority opinion now, then let them have it their way. But we’ll see what happens when all these stores stop making money when the cupcake/party central/ATM fads die and ALL of those chains pull out of Manhattan like people running from a natural disaster in a Hollywood blockbuster. We’ll be right back where we were in the late 70s or where Detroit is now: a city that was deprived of what they did best in exchange for money.

    2. Amy says:

      I agree with Anthony!

    3. BECKY says:

      My husband and I used to live in 100 West 93rd Street and moved a little over 6 months ago out of the city. While we were living there, the rumor going around was that a Target was being built in that space. The building moved many people out of their parking spaces in the basement garages to allow for extra storage for retailers. It seems clear that that is no longer the plan, but we were pretty excited about the thought of a Target on the UWS.

    4. Scooter Stan says:

      I agree with WestSider ! This urban myth about how we’ve “lost” something in NYC is just that… a MYTH! What we’ve “lost” is:
      Needle Park, “No radio” signs on cars, Fox-locks, and a looming city-as-end-of-the-world atmosphere which drove so many out to the sterility of suburia.

      Meanwhile, Re: “A new retail strip….”


    5. Drew says:

      Lets pray the building is smart about who they take on as a lease. They already have their large National Retailer (even though it’s not a great one). Would be VERY smart not to take a Bank or DR.

      I cool bar/restaurant or store is much needed on this desolate stretch AND would draw a lot of people to the building for their Condo sales

      • westSider says:

        Thank you Scooter.

        The extreme left wing has controlled the conversation and agenda far too long – and I am no Republican! I too do not like sterility and too many banks and Duane Reades – but worse is NO Banks (no lending no money) and no services. fyi, let the free market do its thing – It aint pretty but it is better then all the regulations. Look I see Rite Aids closing up left and right now, and Love stores before that… this is the way it works…remember all the UWSers complaining about Barnes and Noble taking over and destroying the mom and pop bookstores, well yes that was sad but NOW it is B& N whose days are numbered.

        Drew, I would love to see cool and hip restuarant bar here. …BUT, then the same extremists folks who hate “sterility” are also on the community boards and you cannot believe the torture a restaurantuer (really a small businessperson) has to go through to get a liquor license. The CBs have all the say now with the STATE liquor authority and the requirements of the honor of opening a restauarant are arbitrary and capricious.

        Also, the same extremists are the ones who changed law and forced the SROs from taking overnight guests – basically affordable housing for travelers -and now forcing the owners to take long term govt programs for the troubled individuals.

        We need to wake up here.

    6. Westy says:

      23k sf is a lot of retail on a pretty dead strip that already has many stores, some of which are empty. It’s not clear the hood can support so much more. One of the only ‘understored’ categories is theaters but stadium seats and huges footprints are tough to configure in an urban area.

      • Drew says:

        Not sure what you are talking about many empty stores on a dead strip??? The strip is dead bc there are LITERALLY no stores from 91st-93rd St on Columbus.

        Other then that from 88th-96th all the store fronts are occupied except one tiney one (12ft of frontage) and the strip from 93rd-94th St is pretty hoping with restaurants with outdoor dining and Mom and Pop shops.

        The area can definitely support it. It just has to be something worth supporting (ie not a bank or Chain pharmacy)

    7. cupcakegross says:

      I agree with, um, er, everybody!

      New York is exactly the same as it’s always been, which is to say, it’s in a constant state of flux. When the current state of the city bores or annoys us, turn inward, where the real New York resides. By the time we open our eyes again, the outer New York will have changed again. Errr, maybe.

    8. beth says:

      I do not think it a good thing that a large
      chain store is going up at this location.
      It will detract from the residential nature
      of West 93rd Street, not to mention the noise, etc. while it is under construction.

    9. RWC says:

      I’m curious if have you’ve heard anything about what other tenant will be in the new retail space on Columbus Avenue between 92nd and 93rd (100 West 93rd street)?

    10. GabL says:

      Is there an update on what other stores are going to be joining Party City? We live in the brownstone attached to the construction and we’re patiently waiting to hear who our new neighbors are going to be 🙂

    11. Tommy says:

      We need a blink fitness gym here. Great spot and affordable

    12. AJ says:

      Any updates on the other stores that might be moving in? I vote for a Trader Joe’s and a decent bookstore. An Apple store would be nice but I doubt the location is fancy or customized enough.

    13. LISA says:

      I certainly hope for a more useful store than Party City.Basics like groceries would be nice, since Food City has closed its doors and Whole foods is expensive.

      I really hope that the Trader Joes rumor is real!!

      and on to another thought- With the rents so damn high all the mom and pop stores are getting squeezed out, it would be great to see more affordable housing and add store fronts to that concept in the future.

    14. Althea says:

      I need a job

    15. Ivette says:

      I’m so happy that we are getting a Party City near us. That store is going to do very well at that location. We needed one. Also would love to see in those empty spaces a Trader Joes, Best buy, Bed Bath and Beyond and a few fast food places.