Central Park is holding a concert on Saturday that will be unlike anything ever before experienced in the park.

Thirty jazz ensembles will set up camp in locations throughout the park and play a defined set list of songs, so that the park hums with sound at every corner. Sets start at noon and 2:30.

“You’ve never experienced autumn in Central Park like this before. Brilliant with the colors of fall and more alive with great jazz than ever before, for one afternoon Central Park will be teeming with talent, as artists perform in every corner of this great urban oasis.

From the shadow of Duke Ellington’s statue to the hum of Columbus Circle – and virtually everywhere in between – the Park will be filled with music. Enter anywhere you like, linger as long as you like. Stop in at an information center if you need directions or mementos. Let the music and this map be your guide.

Thirty ensembles will be interpreting a single list of songs as they perform at some of Central Park’s most beloved sites throughout the afternoon. Each will use the setlist to paint the aural landscape in their own style. Find new favorite artists, songs, and places as you explore Central Park in a whole new way — and enjoy.”

You can download a full map here (we’ve also listed locations below) or pick a map up at the following locations on Saturday:

“Visitors can pick up a Jazz & Colors guide, including a map of the venues, band bios and a full schedule, on November 10 as they enter Central Park at Columbus Circle, 6th Avenue, 72nd Street and Central Park West, 72nd Street and Pilgrim Hill, 79th Street and 5th Avenue, 85th Street near West Drive, 90th and Central Park West, or the Engineer’s Gate at 90th and 5th Avenue, as well as at the Great Hill and the Charles A. Dana Discovery Center.”

Please send us any pictures you take!

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    1. Drew says:

      Awesome! I wish we had MORE things like this in the park. Great way to re-open the park after a difficult time.