The Upper West Side is bursting with phenomenal grocery stores and markets. From Zabar’s to Citarella to Fairway to Trader Joe’s to Whole Foods (not to mention Westside Market, Gourmet Garage and dozens of smaller specialty shops like Barney Greengrass and Epicerie Boulud) we are never more than 10 blocks from artisanal cheese, ripe plums, and cured fish from every edge of the earth.

Now a new high-end food shop will give hungry locals another dining option. Gastronomie 491 will open its doors on Columbus between 83rd and 84th Streets (491 Columbus, thus the name) on Wednesday at 7 a.m. The new store, owned by former jewelry designer Nicole Ahronee (a local), will sell prepared foods and lots of little treats for take-out or eat-in, the Times notes. And there’s free delivery between 72nd and 96th Streets.

Gastronomie will serve breakfast, lunch and dinner, with cheeses, cured meats, produce and breads. Mediterranean and Middle Eastern options abound. As a release they sent out today says:

“Step into Gastronomie 491 and enjoy a lovely meal in the cafe, pick up a European breakfast-to-go, shop for prepared and specialty foods, or even attend a beer and charcuterie tasting on your way home. It’s the place where food lovers eat, shop, discover and delight!”

You will not go hungry.

Thanks to Tracy and Beam for the tips.



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    1. Cato says:

      Just don’t wear out your shoes walking from one Gastronomie to another — you won’t find a shoe repair shop anywhere in the neighborhood anymore. They’ve all been priced out by the Gastronomies (and the banks, and the Starbucks, and the DuaneReades, and the…..).

      Oh, wait — I guess the New Upper West Siders don’t bother repairing shoes anyway. They just buy new ones.

      I want my neighborhood back.

    2. WestSideisTheBestSide says:

      What are you talking about, Cato? There is a shoe repair place (Rosie’s Shoe Repair) right across the street from Gastronomie on 84th Street!

      I am really excited about this addition to Columbus Ave. hope it is all it is cracked up to be!