Covid Cases Continue to Climb on the Upper West Side

Photo by Bosc D’Anjou.

By Robert Tannenhauser

Covid cases on the Upper West Side continue to climb despite high vaccination rates, according to the New York City Department of Health.

The average seven-day positivity rates for the period ending May 6th were 11.04% for zip code 10023; 11.91% for zip code 10024; 7.62% for zip code 10025; and 14.61% for zip code 10069. This is significantly up from what we reported on March 28th when the seven-day positivity rate had risen to 4.42%, 5.38% and 4.4%, respectively, in zip codes 10023, 10024, and 10025. (10069 not found.)

The latest data for UWS Zip Codes:

10023 –  13,501 cases and 1 out of every 4 people in the neighborhood diagnosed. There were 125 deaths (1 out of every 494 people), 61,519 out of 61,782 fully or partially vaccinated.

10024 – 11,880 cases and 1 out of every 4 people in the neighborhood diagnosed. There were 138 deaths (1 out of every 423 people), 54,404 out of 58,412 fully or partially vaccinated.

10025 –  20,756 cases and 1 out of every 4 people in the neighborhood diagnosed. There were 404 deaths (1 out of every 226 people), 84,636 out of 91,619 fully or partially vaccinated.

10069 –  1,829 cases and 1 out of every 3 people in the neighborhood diagnosed. There were 3 deaths (1 out of every 2,094), 6,973 fully or partially vaccinated.

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    1. Jan says:

      This is not accurate. It does not count all the home testing that goes unreported.

    2. Jen says:

      Very sad statistics. Is it possible to find out how many people who passed away were vaccinated?

    3. Huh says:

      Copy/paste error?
      Each of the zip codes shows identical
      “436.4 new cases per 100,000 people”

      • West Side Rag says:

        No, that’s whhat the DOH site shows, they probably averaged all the UWS

    4. Huh says:

      When I see statistics by zip code I always wonder if 10025 is skewed by results from Mt Sinai Morningside. That would account for a higher death rate too.

    5. Alex says:

      something is confusing about these figures. The new cases # is the exact same for all zips? (Or are they all just “Upper West Side” figures?). Also, important to note that the #s “diagnosed” are TOTALS since, I assume, March 2020, not “new cases.” Similarly for deaths.

      • West Side Rag says:

        The DOH site did not appear to distinguish between the Zip Codes with cases per 100K

    6. Very much appreciate your keeping us informed about the UWS cases and rates, but you have confused two important statistics: Your numbers in the 400s are not now cases per 100K people. Or if they are you’ll need to show me (us) where you are getting them. Those look to me — after going to your source — the number of people tested per 100K. That a big difference, the number of people tested is much much much higher than the number of cases per 100 people. 400 people with covid out of 100K would be ten times higher than the average in the entire city. I don’t think so.

    7. m.pipik54 says:

      I still would love to know what human activity is driving the sharp increase in the positive count on the UWS and why it is so high relative to other parts of the City.

      If we want to know how to keep COVID in check, we need to understand how it continues to be transmitted.

      I wonder if the Dept of Health is doing surveys of those infected. They don’t need to contact trace, just to find out what people were doing right before they got sick.

      Of course it is probably an under-count since many people are doing at-home tests and not reporting them. But that would make the rate higher.

      • Kay says:

        The main reason is that this Omicron variant is super contagious. Plus the fact that many people have resumed ‘normal’ activities, like socializing, eating out, going to performances, reunions, graduations and funerals. You can’t pin it on one activity. You just have to use common sense and best practices if you want to avoid it. Or, if you are vaccinated and boosted and tired of being isolated, you can decide to take some risks and hope you won’t get too sick.

      • dc says:

        Maybe people, particularly younger and asymptomatic, simply aren’t testing at all. That could skew the numbers, as I think there are more older folks on the UWS?

    8. LL says:

      I wonder if more people are getting tested, or has the infection rate actually risen?

      • Christine E says:

        I think less people are getting tested, because many places (schools, employers, medical procedures, some travel destinations) no longer require routine testing.

        On the other hand, people may be unofficially testing (home tests) which is uncounted in the statistics, unless the person self-reports positivity to their school etc.

        In any event, covid is still with us.

        • LL says:

          Good point. My company was asking for weekly tests if you worked at home abd weren’t vaccinated. Now they are hiring unvaccinated peoplw.

    9. Huh says:

      There are different kinds of statistics being reported. Some are current rates of infection and only counts those tested in places that report to board of health, not home tests. But do the zip codes reflect whete testing happens or the residence of the person tested?
      If someone lives in Queens but tests on the UWS near work or because there are more convenient test sites, where are those results reported?

      The numbers like “11,880 cases and 1 out of every 4 people in the neighborhood diagnosed” are cumulative. Not that this week 1/4 of all people in 10024 have tested positive.
      Considering thst supposedly 60% of all Americans have had Covid at some point, we are below average or more likely considering the non-tested and non-reported, we are about average

    10. Steven says:

      All those LabQ type of places no longer offer free testing, so people like me with no insurance can no longer get regular PCR tests. I’d have to go to an Urgent Care and pay for an office visit fee which is over $200. I have at home tests, but they are not as accurate. You’d think NYC would go back to offering the tests for free so the city can be more accurate on the Covid cases.

    11. Joanne says:

      These #s have to be put into context. In all of NYC, while cases are rising, hospitalizations are stabilizing (last 7 day daily averages are 47 people hospitalized and 28 day daily averages are 51 people hospitalized) and deaths continue to decline (3 deaths per day last 7 days and 4 deaths per day over the last 28 days.)

      The 125 deaths reported in zip code 10023, what period is this over?

    12. Laura D. says:

      Covid in all its forms should be carefully traced to that we MIGHT really have an idea about its behavior and changes. Details, details, details. It is a very adaptable and tricky virus. No one can afford to pretend this is gone. It ain’t…

    13. UWSRachel says:

      I think the real story here is that only 200ish people in 10023 are not vaccinated. That is an insanely high rate and something we should be proud of! Even in the other UWS zip codes the vaccination rate is high and while the case loads are up the death rates are low. While this virus is likely to not be going anywhere any time soon, this is great news and makes me feel a lot safer since restrictions have eased and we are seemingly “getting back to normal”.

    14. bidenot says:

      Vaccination has nothing to do with getting Covid.
      Originally we were told that once we are taxed we will not get Covid.
      Well, it just ain’t so.
      You get taxed, you get Covid, but the chances of dying are far less than if you’re not taxed.

    15. Stats says:

      I believe the denominator being used for your stats (e.g., 1 out of every 4 people) is incorrect. The city totals for “all ages” are ages 5+ (i.e., those that can be vaccinated). So the % vaccinated are correct (for those that can be vaccinated) but cases I believe are all ages, not just 5+.

    16. David says:

      Do what? It’s not harmful and we are the most vaccinated area in the country. I no longer wear a mask yet a I see way too many do. I’m guessing these are people who do t travel outside this area.

    17. Tom says:

      The only thing free about the free testing sites is you’re giving them you genetic information for free.

    18. Derek says:

      Covid cases rise not “despite”, but because of high vaccination rates.

    19. Alan schlosser says:

      The positivity rate in Manhattan is 5.3%. How can the rate for 10023 be over 11%?

    20. labot says:

      Great photo.

    21. Julie Clemons says:

      We can thank Gov. Hochul and Adams for lifting all mandates at the same time and the most critical being unmasking indoors to please all the people who don’t want to wear mask but enjoy catching COVID. NY is a tourist City and anyone who can escape the COVID/CRIME should do so immediately