Here’s the Dish: Sapphire’s Goat Curry

By Sam Koo

Goat curry has been around ever since men met goats. Widely consumed in India, Central Asia, the Middle East and North Africa, tender and lean goat meat makes the best meat for barbecue. You can mix it with rice in dishes like goat biryani, complementing its rich flavor.

Goat curry is a braised form of goat cooked with a touch of spicy curry. The best place to eat goat is anywhere on the Silk Road or somewhere in North Africa like Algeria. The next best place is Sapphire on Broadway between 68th and 69th Streets. I know. I have been enjoying Satish’s goat curry for years (Satish, seen below, is Sapphire’s owner).

Sapphire Cuisines of India
2014 Broadway (68-69)
Featured dish: Goat Curry

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    1. chris says:

      Would love to have the recipe if possible!

    2. Carol says:

      I see him sitting outside a lot. Glad to know his name.
      That looks yummy! I have sooooo many allergies, though, and other medical dietary restrictions. Mediterranean or Persian is usually about all I can find, if anything, with something even close to not being the main chunk of my no-fly list. And it’s handling and not just ingredients. (Not implying poor handling, just saying that’s part of the equation with masto disease). That looks like it’s got a thickener in it that I’m gonna guess isn’t tapioca?
      But it’s nearby – glad to read about it. Y’all enjoy!

    3. Robs72 says:

      Sapphire is my go-to place for Indian cuisine! My children adore the chicken biryani, peshwari naan, yellow daal and goat curry. I’m so glad they’ve been featured here. I’d like to add that their meats are organic and/or come from Niman Ranch.

      • Robin says:

        Thanks, Robs, that’s good to know!

        • Bill3 says:

          Sapphire has wonderful food and friendly service. I’m partial to the tandoori pork ribs and tandoori shrimp, but that’s just me. The Grey Goose martinis hit the spot, too. Satish is the greatest.

    4. Sattee D says:

      Yes the food at Sappire is indeed great tasting I tried the biryani was excellent also the chicken and shrimp tikka masala was great too. The atmosphere is also friendly
      Went there few times and will keep going for that great tasting food and also the drinks.

    5. MARTIN says: