Photos: Rainbows Stretch Across a Pink Sky

An amazing rainbow stretched across the sky on Sunday around sunset, and you could even see a double rainbow in some spots.

Photo by Victoria Lo Bue.

Photo by Sharon Schanzer.

Photo by Angela.

Looking North. Morningside Heights. 6:05 pm Sunday. Photo by Vikki Sheatsley

Photo by anonymous.

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    1. LL says:

      These are absolutely exquisite. Thank you!!

    2. NotImpressed says:

      I blame Trump!
      I mean I blame Biden.
      Oh wait, these pictures are beautiful.
      Never mind.

    3. Anne says:

      And did you know a double rainbow is sort of a reflection/mirror image of the first one with the order of the colors reversed?😊

    4. Anne says:


      When there is a double rainbow, the color order is reversed. … Double rainbows happen when the light gets reflected twice inside the water droplet. It’s a reflection of the reflection. So technically, the first bow shows the color pattern backwards and the second reflection corrects the pattern.

    5. Maggie McComas says:

      Nice! Sometimes, Nature is . . .

    6. Robin says:

      All beautiful photographs 🙏🏼