One Local Was Sick of Coupon Circulars, So Here’s What She Did About It

On March 10th, this batch almost put Tina over the edge.

Editor’s note: Several things bothered Tina Pelikan about the piles of coupon circulars in plastic bags that were deposited weekly in the entryway of her building — and all along her brownstone-lined block. Not only were they unsightly, but a terrible waste, and bad for the environment, she thought. Then, one day, on the edge of a plastic bag, she saw a phone number.

As far as the eye can see.

By Tina Pelikan

Each week, my block — 95th Street between Columbus Avenue and Central Park West — is inundated with piles of packages of coupon circulars packed in plastic bags, most of which, according to evidence on the street and discussion with building superintendents, end up in the trash.

On March 17th, this one did it.

Thanks to being very much at home this past year, I noticed the enormous weekly pile of plastic bags in my own entryway, and recently decided to take action. On March 17th, I called the contact number printed on the bags and spoke with a very efficient person, who looked up my address and was able to tell me that 35 circulars were being delivered to our building of fewer than 30 households. I told her that our super had said that, at most, five people in the building take and use those circulars. And she agreed to diminish our delivery quantity to five packages per week.

I am thrilled to say she was true to her word, and, for the last three weeks, only five packages were left for our building.

I am writing this to give people the phone number to call — (800) 376-6222 — in order to make a similar request, if they are so inclined.

Hate’em or cut’em? Let us know in the comments.

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    1. Neighbor says:

      I was expecting something far more dramatic; thousands of plastic-wrapped circulars, collected and stacked as far as the eye can see at the doorway of the circular office! I guess kindness civility is most effective, if less spectacular. Brava Tina.

    2. Kim says:

      Great job! You went right to the source and didn’t take the circular route!!!

    3. Terry says:

      Cut the coupons! What she did was a good thing. I hope other buildings do the same.

    4. jms says:

      The cat business a little too extreme, eh? Fair enough. How about:

      Just to clarify something, 800-376-6222 is the number for CBA Industries, a NJ company evidently responsible for depositing a great many flyers, circulars, papers, & whatnot on NYC doorsteps. I’m pretty sure, however, that they don’t handle ALL such litter, so you might want to check for another number on the debris in question, call them up, and calmly explain that you’ve started a collection of Scientology ads they can examine closely if the problem continues. Just my 2¢.

    5. Luhk Semborg says:

      You’re the Kosmo Kramer of West 95th street.

    6. David says:

      There once was a woman named Tina /
      She wanted her building to be cleana /
      She soon found a fix, said “We need less than six!” /
      And now there’s no mess to be seen-a!

    7. Lisa says:

      What a wonderful article 🙂 it shows how one person can really make a difference and inspire others. I am doing something similar to get rid of the abandoned kiosks for free circulars on my block. An eyesore that attracts garbage, and completely redundant in these days of the internet. Let’s all work together for a clean Upper West Side !!

    8. Kathe says:

      Sometimes… If you ask you actually get. Tina, a woman of action, is a good, resourceful and kind neighbor.I love that she did this.

    9. fred says:

      “One Local Was Sick of Coupon Circulars, So She Called the Phone Number For People to Request That Coupon Circulars No Longer Be Sent to Their Address, And the Coupon Circulars Stopped Coming.”

      Amazing. In other news, “Man Sick of Getting Emails From Online Retailer He Once Purchased From Clicks Unsubscribe Button And Now No Longer Gets Their Emails.”