Photo of the Day: Lost Winter-Wear Waves Hello and Tips Its Cap in Riverside Park

Jane Margolis sent the collage above of lost gloves — and three lonely hats — she has seen this year in Riverside Park.

Asked if this was all in one glove graveyard, she wrote “They’re all different spots throughout the park. When people find a glove, they pick it up and stick it on a fence. I see it every winter, and think it’s a thoughtful gesture.”

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    1. Paul says:

      I was hoping to see my lost glove in this montage but, alas, no.

      Rule of thumb: The more you pay for a pair of gloves, the sooner one disappears.

    2. Karen says:

      loved this!

    3. Charlene says:

      I love this–crazy hats and equal opportunity right and left-handed lost gloves

    4. Kathleen says:

      This made me smile. I hope these were reunited with their owners!

    5. Cynthia says:

      And I was hoping to see my blue hand-knit wool scarf.

    6. Sally Campbell says:

      Did you notice the red glove is signing “I love you!” Who knew that being a good neighbor can be so beautiful.

    7. Vicki Rovere says:

      My inspiration for starting the Ludlow Street Free Store was a tree on Houston St. (downtown) festooned with many gloves. I wasn’t sure if it was a distribution point or an art piece but it inspired me to collect hats, scarves & gloves and give them away by hanging them on a fence. I’ve been giving away all sorts of things for 15 years.