Photos of the Day: Al Franken Bumps Elbows Outside Fairway

Al Franken stopped by Fairway on Friday for a nosh, but couldn’t escape “a steady stream of politically passionate Upper West Side well-wishers,” tipster Amy tells us. Elbow bumps were plentiful. The former Minnesota senator was a longtime Upper West Sider. And maybe he’s back now?

“I didn’t ask if this was just a visit or if they have returned to the neighborhood but it’s clear that they would be warmly welcomed back,” wrote Amy, who took these photos.

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    1. kd says:


    2. Eric says:

      I remember Mr. Franken in the locker room of the NY Sports Club on West 80th, maybe 20-25 years ago? He seemed like a nice guy. Would that he was a US Senator instead of the self-serving Kirsten Gillibrand. Al Franken was railroaded. Still, he retains respect.

      • Boris says:

        That must have been one memorable encounter in the locker room to neutralize the reasons he resigned from the Senate.

      • Pedestrian says:

        Schumer didn’t want him being the majority leader. And Kirsten was happy to do his dirty work. Franken should have fought harder but I understand his reticence. I hope he make a political come back.

        • Joanne says:

          A Libertarian pundit was commenting that Franken should move back to NY and challenge Gillebrand in her next primary. No, I don’t approve of men harassing women. But why did Biden get away with it? And Franken was a comedian at the time for crying out loud.

    3. Daphne Anderson says:

      Oh Westside Rag thanks for keeping NYC alive for me! Gone now – out of the city, the upper Westside was my home for many years! This publication is great community info about my old stomping ground! NYC is always on my mind.

    4. Marc Alan Minick, Ph.D. says:

      Senator Al Franken, generating manymany UWS well-wishers and politicos. Manhattan Welcomes You and Your Family!

    5. Rebecca Wolfe says:

      Come back, Al. You know the job, and you work for the people.

    6. Frankly a Fan says:

      Awesome! I hope he moves back to the hood. After all, there will always be a place for him on SNL – Stuart Smalley! Lorne are you listening?

    7. Kevin Cornelius Flynn says:

      Dear Mr. Franken, I’ve recently written a book titled “How to Save the Human Race from Itself – The Way Forward – a guide for dummies” by Kevin Cornelius Flynn. I think that if I could have five people on the planet read it it would be you, Xi Jinping, Joe Biden, Bill Gates and Elon Musk. The book utilizes John Mearsheimer’s tactic of using simple theories in order to try to explain a complicated world. I hope you’ll get this message, read the book and contact me. Sincerely,
      KC Flynn.

    8. Alan L says:

      He should run for Mayor

    9. Jim McGreevey says:

      I live in Iowa but have a dear friend who lives on the Upper Westside and is very glad that Fairway is there for her! Thanks to Al for helping to keep it open, but frankly (no weak pun intended), I’d much rather see him back in the senate doing the great job he was doing when he was there!

    10. Neal says:

      I wonder if journalist Leann Tweeden would vote for him to be mayor?

    11. Tussa McGinn says:

      The Harry’s bag notwithstanding, Al Franken is old shoes, out of touch with nothing original to say. (He was given a couple of turns on a TV news show or two.) He had his moment and he ruined it for himself. Bad conduct mixed with bad timing. It has undone men and women of far greater consequence than Mr. Franken. But he’s a neighbor and I hope he is content and keeping busy.

      • Pedestrian says:

        You are so wrong but you are entitled to you opinion.

      • Mark says:

        Bad conduct? How are you defining that after the last 4 years?

        • Tussa McGinn says:

          Mark, since you asked, I am defining bad conduct as eight women making allegations of sexual misconduct. As for bad timing, his own party, including leader Schumer, pressured him to resign. I think it would be yet another unfortunate toxic by-product of the trump years to use that criminal president as a moral standard by which we compare ourselves. Perhaps the best thing Mr. Franken has done as a public figure is to be a cautionary tale for politicians and others who believe butt grabbing and unwanted kisses is a perk for the successful man. That’s no small thing.

        • Kat Van Rooyen says:

          Well said!

    12. Amelia Weiss says:

      Incredibly impressed that someone recognized him. I’ve probably bumped into him at Zabar’s and lord knows who else. Upper West Siders are a savvy lot

    13. Sari says:

      Actually would see “Mayor” Franken(good idea) often on the west side outside of his apt on 79 St. BTW, it is a beautiful building. Glad he’s back but I believe he may have brought some Minnesota weather with him.

    14. Janice Horowitz says:

      don’t come back! Focus on getting yourself back to the Senate! A dream come true though so elusive…

    15. Jackie Fay says:

      Love you Al Franken. Come on back !!

    16. Catherine says:

      I’ve seen him a couple of times on RSD. He used to own an apartment there, maybe he never gave it up. He was best suited to his time on SNL and talk shows where he was very witty. He could never run for anything again or else they’d drag up his disgraced exit from the Senate

    17. Emily Goodman says:

      I, too, have run into Al Franken on UWS where he still has apartment. We need to have him run for Senate from NY!

    18. JP says:

      Nonsense. His Podcast is both very entertaining and insightful. Go Al!

    19. Kathleen says:

      We miss you, Senator Franken! Mayor Franken? hmmmm…interesting idea. Think about it, please?!

    20. J Lokin says:

      I hope he moves back to NYC and runs against Gillibrand for senate. She’s responsible for his resigning.

      • Suzie E says:

        I totally agree. I think she wanted a potential rival out of the way…and unfortunately, Al did what undoubtedly seemed like the honorable thing to do before he really had a chance to consult others and give it more thought.

        Al, I hope you found satisfaction and fulfillment in other areas. I always loved your brain!

    21. Marsha says:

      PLEASE Al come back to NYC, we need you here. Run for Gillibrand’s seat since she has lost so much being in the forefront of your unfortunate situation. Karma! Or Mayor, but something Al. We’re behind you 💯 %.

    22. Sharon Conway says:

      I love Al. He was given a raw deal. And that is sad.

    23. Merv Kaufman says:

      What a joy. . . to see that Al Franken may indeed be residing among us. I’m sure many of his formal colleagues miss his presence, his authority and his savvy wit as much as I and a lot of passionate Democrats do.

    24. Kiki says:

      Yay, Al!!!!!! Welcome back!

    25. Steven B. says:

      I’m happy Al is back. I have allot of respect for him.
      I lived for 30 years on 74th street between Riverside and West End, when Fairway was a small market.
      Never understood why Gillibrand was so cruel!

    26. Mark Kud says:

      God Bless Al Franken !!

    27. UpperWestSlider says:

      I wonder whether the good people of Minnesota feel they got an opportunistic carpetbagger as senator. And reading these comments, I also wonder video proof of misogyny is ok to ignore provided the perp is of the correct political persuasion.

    28. Patricia Meier says:

      A run for Mayor?!!

    29. Ruth Bonnet says:

      I ran into him in the dog run at 85th once. I said, “If you’re who I think you are, I’m quite a fan.” He said, “And what if I’m not?” That stumped me for a moment! Nice guy.

    30. EdNY says:

      Regardless of Mr. Franken’s abilties and performance, why does anyone think he’d make a good NYC mayor? The qualifications are miles apart from the skills needed to be an effective legislator. You need to be a canny politician, a leader and manager with a thick skin, a vision and the ability to run the this massive city while fending off the constant hysterical attacks of well-organized factions.

    31. dan malisky says:

      get back to the senate and get rid of Kristen

    32. Chrigid says:

      Gillibrand was wrong to demand his ouster without a hearing, but has anyone heard Franken acknowledge his actions were wrong?

    33. Rick says:

      I hope Al Franken knows if he’s read this far in the comments section that he should find more productive use of his time and talent. The podcast is great Al, but we need more. Come back home — we miss the good old days seeing you in the neighborhood and bringing Kirby to 72nd St run.

    34. Ben says:

      Love the “me too” fanatics treating Franken like a god. Laughable.

      • Jane W says:

        I am flabbergasted that so many women are in denial about his track record. Do they think that the 8 women who accused him of sexual harassment are making this up? And how about the picture of him grabbing a sleeping woman’s breasts?

    35. charles hoffman says:

      A victim of excessive hand-wringing and self-destruction by Dems with far too much empathy and far too little concern for making a difference