Photo of the Day: Snowfall Was Breathtaking But Didn’t Stick Around Long

Geese were unimpressed with the accumulation. Photo by Kat.

The first snow of the winter was only here briefly, like a “flakey” friend who always says they’ll show up but then finds something better to do. (Thanks a lot, Andrew.)

But it was fun while it lasted!

If you have snow pics, you can always send them to westsiderag at gmail.

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    1. Ina Salt says:

      These are Canada geese not ducks.

    2. Gemmag says:

      I miss the mandarin from two years ago! Wish he would come back…he was soooo beautiful! I loved watching him

    3. Agnes Frank says:

      What a wonderful shot! Congratulations to Kat.

    4. NotImpressed says:

      What was so breathtaking about the snow? It looked pretty average to me.