Openings & Closings: New Magnolia Bakery, Paper Source, Earth Cafe, Pastrami Queen

A new Magnolia Bakery is opening in the former home of Grom at 1796 Broadway in Columbus Circle (between 58th and 59th). The shop is expected to be a smaller express-type store and we hear it could open as soon as next month (though their corporate people haven’t given us a date yet). Thank to Jaclyn for the tip.

Paper Source has opened on the third floor of the Shops at Columbus Circle.

Earth Cafe at 97th and Broadway has closed for good, Patch reported. We’d been hearing for a few days that the place had closed unexpectedly after being open for takeout and delivery. Andrew Rigie, who took the photo above, wrote on Twitter that it looked like they were packing the place up inside. No reason was given for the closure. Earth Cafe was open for five years.

Pastrami Queen, which is replacing Fine & Schapiro at 138 West 72nd Street, is now expected to open October 1st, according to tipster Iris, who spoke to the owner. “They did a total renovation and looks very nice and clean,” she wrote. Pastrami Queen is famous for pastrami — like Anthony-Bourdain-loved-it famous. We last wrote about it here. Thanks to Mr. Friebe for the photo.

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    1. Jack says:

      Bummer about Earth Cafe, but it seems like everything is closing on the UWS, particularly the small, independent businesses, which were the heart and soul of the area. Wish this was something our local pols cared about and focused on.

    2. PASTRAMI says:


    3. Hungry says:

      Best chopped liver I have had

    4. Carlos says:

      Is Earth Cafe where Blimpie used to be? Because I would really like to have Blimpie back. And I am also eager to try Pastrami Queen. Yum! I hope their prices are reasonable – happy to pay a premium for quality but I have my limits.

    5. Alex says:

      Cue the “I can’t wait” comments for Pastrami Queen

    6. John P says:

      Very sad about Earth Cafe. It was a bright spot that lit up the block (which was much needed as homeless like to frequent the nearby Broadway sidewalks).
      Hopefully it doesn’t stay vacant for years…

    7. Justin says:

      Isn’t Venchi opening in the prior Grom space?

    8. mh says:

      Just noticed yesterday that Recolte, a bakery/cafe on 74th St. and Amsterdam, has closed. As did Mighty Bowl on Amsterdam between 75th and 76th. I was told by the proprietor of V.I.P. Cleaners, also on that block, that they have lost 80% of their business. So sad.

      • MAD says:

        Yes, Recolte has been closed since early in the Covid-19 shutdown. The space is for rent. Lots of small businesses go in and out of existence in that block. BTW, does anyone know what is happening with the Cottage Chinese restaurant on 77th/Amsterdam?

        • Juan says:

          I checked Cottage this weekend and I believe there were construction signs on the door. That was my go-to Chinese place – looking for a replacement. We like Handy Nasty but if we are just getting the basics I could go somewhere a little simpler, and they don’t have all of the “Chinese menu” staples. Any suggestions?

        • Ladybugred1 says:

          Heard that it’s closed for good. So sad – their Szechuan dumplings were absolutely the best. 32 years in business and “poof, it’s gone”.πŸ˜žπŸ˜’πŸ™

    9. David says:

      Hope they hire some of the Fine & Shapiro employees!!

    10. Kathleen says:

      Looking forward to trying Pastrami Queen. Expensive, but great for a once in a while treat! Thanks for the update, WSR.

      Fine & Shapiro needs to take down their website. I almost ordered from them last week.

    11. LassMichInRuhe says:

      Whenever I find myself near Lenox Hill, I always stop at Pastrami Queen. A great get.

    12. UWSHebrew says:

      If the pastrami is identical to their UES location, that would be a shame. I hope it won’t!

    13. Roger Wolfe says:

      The west side has long been needing a deli with good Jewish soul food. Fine and Shapiro and Artie’s were not at the same level of excellence as is Pastrami Queen.
      Don’t forget to take your Statin pill!

    14. Jean Siegel says:

      Was that the same Magnolia as in Chip & Joanne?

    15. Concerned Small Business Owner says:

      I keep telling people, local politicians, Helen, Linda, Danny O’Donnell and De Blasio are ruining our neighborhood. I am a small business owner and I call 911 often to help with vagrants who are also dangerous, hanging by our store. Instead of working on my business to survive, I am constantly fighting with troubling individuals who scare customers and make them uncomfortable. So many people ignore how the small business owners feel & then are sorry when the business is gone. When will people get it? We need a clean safe neighborhood for businesses to survive. It’s not the landlords.

    16. Louis says:

      I thought Pastrami Queen was already open!! I ordered from there on Seamless- thought it came from 72nd street ?!?!

      • lynn says:

        It does appear that 72nd St is open for delivery through GrubHub. A little pricey though, $11 for a bowl of chicken soup and $20 for a hamburger. The lowest end of the price range for sandwiches is $14 for egg salad. πŸ™

        • UWSHebrew says:

          It’s kosher meat. The prices are higher because they have to pay double or more for the raw meat. The rent must be a fortune as well, as it is for every business on 72nd.

    17. Kim says:

      The Parlor at 86th between Broadway and West End has reopened. It’s really nice to see their lights back on.

    18. Balebusta says:

      This may be old news, but Sunflower Cafe on 93rd and Amsterdam also permanently closed.

      • Stu says:

        Yes, and good riddance. I have had a number of meals there (to accommodate Kosher folks) and each experience was worse than the previous.

    19. tim says:

      Sad to see Earth Cafe close, it was a great spot for a weekend morning coffee/pastry, and the paper – always bright and cheerful. I hope the next tenant is another cafe (nothing against Blimpie, the tenant of yesteryear). And while belated, tough to see the Starbucks on 99th/Bway go too, it was a good hangout spot and meeting place.

    20. Tim says:

      Very very sad about Earth Cafe…

    21. chris says:

      Juan – We used to go to Szechuan Garden on 105 for really good Chinese but that seems shuttered for the time being. Now when we want Chinese, it’s Jing Fong (which has more than dim sum ie really terrific beef chow fun). I noticed some smaller take-out places up Amsterdam but can’t speak for whether they are any good. Korean Fried chicken on Amsterdam and 80 (coshare w the sushi nonaka) is very satisfying.

    22. Steevie says:

      Note to Pastrami Queen: The 2 guys who worked the cash register at Fine and Schapiro, which was the prior occupant of your space, were 2 of the unfriendliest people I have ever came across in my life. This is New York City. People can be a little gruff. But they were ridiculous.

      • UWSHebrew says:

        They were the owners (Russian), of Fine and Shapiro. Don’t worry, you’ll never see them again.

      • lynn says:

        Interesting that we had such a different experience. I assumed they were the owners or managers, and they were always friendly to everyone when I was there. In any case, what does this have to do with the new owners? Have they hired the old staff of F&S?

      • UWSHebrew says:

        They were the owners of F + S. You’ll never see them again.

      • Barry says:

        Wow, I find your bad experience very surprising. In my 20+ years in the neighborhood, I always found everyone at F&S (including the guys at the cash register) to be very friendly.

        I’m looking forward to Pastrami Queen, but I miss F&S and I wish all of the F&S people — owners and employees — well.

    23. jimbo says:

      Pastrami Queen or Katz?????

    24. David F says:

      I’m moving back to the UWS after the zombie apocalypse and when deBlasio is facing trial… due to this great restaurant. Consistently the best deli

    25. Bridget says:

      Any update on Pastrami Queen? It’s October 2, and their website still links to an old Westside Rag article about a future opening…

    26. Amy Zarrow says:

      Pastrami Queen!! There goes my blood pressure.

    27. Jasmine Rosario says:

      No, not GROM!! That truly sucks 😭