Police Retrieve Body of Man Found Floating in Swan Lake in Central Park

Swan Lake, Central Park. Photo via Wikipedia.

By Carol Tannenhauser

Police removed the dead body of a man from Swan Lake, located in the southeastern corner of Central Park near 59th Street and Central Park South, after responding to a 911 call at 12:27 pm on Monday, an NYPD spokesperson told WSR. No name, age or cause of death was given. Further information is pending.

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    1. SNY says:

      The waterbody in the southeast corner of Central Park – near the Plaza Hotel – is called “The Pond”…NOT “Swan Lake.”

      • your_neighbor says:

        Thanks SNY, this is the first time I ever heard it referred to as Swan Lake too – maybe this is part of an evil scheme to gentrify Central Park to increase home values on Fifth Avenue and Central Park South like where the real estate brokers rename entire neighborhoods to make them seem more upscale. 🙂

        • Boris says:

          You must not understand the meaning of gentrify if you apply it to the neighborhood surrounding 5th Ave & Central Park South.

      • AC says:

        Its called Swan Lake because back in the day, Swans and ducks use to frequent this small body of water. Over the years, as less and less swans frequented the lake, it lost its name. Most tourists go by what they read on google maps or other maps that are not familiar with Central Park and its history.

    2. Wijmlet says:

      Poor man! See first two replies!

    3. Anonymous says:

      It was on the New York Post…. it was a homeless man.

    4. JV says:

      That poor man. Whether in Swan Lake or the Pond or whatever it’s called, a man lost his life and that’s more important than what the water is called.

    5. carol spisso says:

      any new developments of man found in swan lake,nyc?

    6. Steevie says:

      How does a dead body suddenly appear in this small body of water at 12:30 in the afternoon? From the sidewalk on 59th Street you can see the entire pond. Bodies are starting to turn up in the darndest places here in Fun City.