Locals Plan Rallies at 2 Post Offices on Saturday

A postal worker on the UWS this week.

Congress and the President are battling over the future of the U.S. Postal Service and mail-in voting. On Saturday at 11, rallies are planned all over the country — including at two local post offices to support the workers and the institution.

The “Save the Post Office” rallies are calling for the postmaster general to resign.

“On Saturday, August 22, at 11 a.m. (local time), we will show up at local post offices across the country to save the post office from Donald Trump and declare that Postmaster General Louis DeJoy must resign.”

The two local rallies are at the following locations:

– 178 Columbus Avenue, at the corner of 68th and Columbus (49 attendees have RSVP’d)

– 700 Columbus Avenue between 94th and 95th (25 attendees have RSVP’d)

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    1. paulcons says:

      Oh, no mention of any POs north of 96th (like 104th)?

    2. Dan Gutman says:

      I believe the PO at 104th between Broadway and Amsterdam is also on the list.

    3. Alicia Swan says:

      I keep getting emails and FB memes with photos of trucks removing mailboxes from the streets.
      You do realize that Obama removed over 14,000 mailboxes from the streets of America during his tenure, don’t you.
      Mailboxes age, just like we do. They were also great targets for theft (Coming home from a late night job I once saw a guy with a rope and something sticky attached, diving into the old type of mailbox near 72nd and Bwy.)
      People are so willing to think the worst.

      • JR says:

        And you just provided the reason for thinking the worst.

        But the demise of street USPS boxes, and pay telephones has not had a good outcome.

      • They were under-utilized–not suddenly removed without study or concern regarding usage.

      • Karen Harvey says:

        Check the numbers of removals. Yes, they are removed because they “age out.” However, the numbers and rate of removals are much higher under Trump and his stooge DeJoy. Do you really think it’s a coincidence that all this is taking place right before the election as Trump is trying his best to discredit and sabotage the postal system (and delay mail-in ballots)?

      • Rodger Lodger says:

        When they modified the mailboxes to prevent “fishing” in large measure they became useless to me because I mail stuff thicker than letters. stealing checks is a pain in the neck to the check writer but under the law he is not liable if the bank clears a forgery.

      • David Ichos says:

        Because it is the worst. You have citation to your claim?

      • KB says:

        That may have been a reason then, but you have surely heard this WH declare that they want to STOP mail in voting, as they fear Democrats will beat them.. Further, cutting the services so that soldiers, pensioners, and so on do not get their essential drugs, checks and other lifelines is not. a ‘desirable’ outcome, particularly during COVID. I hate to say this but these are the days we ARE seeing the worst. And it’s only the tip of the iceberg. We NEED our postal service.

    4. Janet Sullivan says:

      I saw this too late but as the daughter of a letter carrier and as an American, I am proud that this happened

    5. Jane says:

      I read about the rally too late to join. It was at both of our 10025 post offices, and all over the country. Let’s do it again, with a lot of advance notice, please!

    6. David Ochoa says:

      We met @ the 112th St PO and marched to the 104th St PO.
      It was a good show from the neighbors.
      The march continued to the 96th St #’s 1, 2, and 3 subway station.
      Would be helpful, and probably larger turnout if the organizer(s) could have gotten this information out before it happened.

    7. Alan Flacks says:

      Some of us stood in front of our local post offices as I did mine from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m.
      How more local can one get! 🙂