Comments of the Week: Supporting Small Businesses, Car Windows Smashed, Religious Grammar

re: More Shops and Restaurants Announce Closures, Including Lenwich and Andrade’s

Gayton says:
This article prompted me to bring a pile of shoe and handbag repairs to my terrific cobbler on Broadway between 99th and 100th. (I think it’s an Andrade shop.) I need him to stay in business–he’s saved so many of my favorite things! I actually dug through my closet to find things that could use work, from new soles to re-dyeing. If you need any shoes or bags repaired or refurbished, I highly recommend him!

Kathleen says:
This is really sad. More and more empty storefronts. More and more people losing their livelihoods. Sad, hard times.

UWSmom says:
We’re a small family-owned business on the uws and we have two young boys, ages 1 and 3. This is really sad and scary. We have been open since 2012 and my husband and I are working harder during this pandemic than ever— to keep the business going and to survive. All your thoughts have been very encouraging! Xo

re: Car Windows Smashed on Riverside Drive

Evan Bando says (replying to No Regrets, who has left the city, and feels the need to trash it):
“The true New Yorker secretly believes that people living anywhere else have to be, in some sense, kidding.” – the late, great John Updike (and he wasn’t even a NYer.)
NYC has gone through many, many iterations over its storied, unmatchable history and true New Yorkers abide and love it. (Obviously, you miss it from wherever you are and maybe even have the regrets you claim not to have since you seem to need to troll the WSR. Most unbecoming.)

re: St. John the Divine and Other Local Churches Partially Reopen; One Bans Singing

Suzie says:
For the record, “Episcopal” is the adjective; “Episcopalian” is the noun: Episcopalians attend Episcopal services at the Episcopal cathedral. I know; no one cares. But I’m an editor and my dad was an Episcopal priest, so what can I do???

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    1. If we help the homeless, who hail from who knows where, we should certainly help small local businesses, who have invested large sums of money IN US: to make their living BY PROVIDING FOR OUR NEEDS AND DESIRES; try thinking about it that way.

      I’m not talking about gov’t bailouts here (pro or con), but merely for each of us to ante up and be counted; to be a good neighbor.

      Remember: the gov’t GAVE US $1200.

      Personally, I think the point of that wasn’t just to put it in the bank, but rather to put it to work; IN & FOR the benefit of our community.

      Okay, rant over.

      • notsofast says:

        Profit-making businesses, as their name implies, exist to make a profit, not to serve humanity out of the goodness of their hearts. The sentimental cluelessness of Americans about the nature of capitalism is truly appalling.