Fairway’s Liquidation Sale on 125th Street Is In Full Swing

Photo courtesy of Harlem Bespoke.

Fairway announced in legal papers that it expected to start closing its store on 125th Street and 12th Avenue last month, and now the liquidation sale is in full swing. The store was one of the few that did not get sold at a bankruptcy auction, and is thus expected to close.

At first, the Fairway sale was offering 5% off on most goods, but those discounts are likely to escalate.

There are signs outside the store for “Harlem Market”, but the local news site Harlem Bespoke spoke to a staff member who said that Harlem Market is only an online service that delivers groceries through Instacart.

Fairway is expected to close for good by the middle of the month.harlem

Photo courtesy of Harlem Bespoke.

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    1. Barbara Litt says:

      OLD NEWS! Everything is already 10-30% off. This is so sad! i love shopping at that Fairway.

    2. wendy says:

      sad news.

    3. Lynn says:

      Very Sad! I loved this Fairway. I know that others have said this, but the people at 74th and Broadway were pretty rude whereas this staff was always kind and helpful.

      • Jade says:

        It’s a shame they are closing. Was easy to park and shop there. Nothing stays the same!

    4. Neal Hurwitz says:

      what happens there now???

    5. Wrooth says:

      Like others have said, this is sad news. There is something wrong with an economic system that
      makes it possible for a city’s treasures, which Fairway has surely been, to be sucked dry and tossed away for the financial benefit of a few. It’s time for more “we” and less “me”.

      • Peter says:

        What economic system is more “we than me”, and is thriving? I can think of one that made those claims and crashed in 1989.

        • Mark says:

          So you think this was a call for socialism? No, more we and less me is a call to end private equity firms buying up successful businesses, draining them of capital while putting them in debt, after which they let them go bankrupt, making both employees and local communities poorer. That’s what happened here. It didn’t help that the equity firm didn’t even understand food retail.

          • Peter says:

            In what successful system are the private owners of a successful business required NOT to sell their enterprise when they receive an offer they deem fair?

            This is not a regulated business of systemic importance, as sad as its loss may be for you or for the neighborhood. If the store/location is profitable, surely someone who understands the food business would have stepped up in these circumstances and likely would have gotten a great deal in this bankruptcy.

        • Liz says:

          Germany seems to be doing fine. Vietnam, surely. Either way, seems like our system requires a socialized bailout of our financial overlords, so there are better options out there.

    6. Ellie Steinman says:

      This is so sad!! My favorite store😱😰

      • Maxine DeSeta says:

        Always wonderful to shop there. Reduced to Trader Joe’s which is nice, but not the real deal.

    7. John says:

      Been a customer since they opened. All the older lady checkouts are such sweethearts. They will be missed.

    8. Lisa says:

      This just makes me sad. That’s a great store. I can’t believe no one wanted to buy it.

    9. Nasrin says:

      Considering that a supermarket chain bought the parking lot but not the store, I suspect this is not the end, its just a way to get around the union. Time will tell.

      • CityKittty says:

        A manager I talked to last week while waiting in line said Whole Foods is sniffing around. I mean, nice to replace with a supermarket, unfortunately not as affordable as Fairway.

    10. Irv says:

      Are they selling the Fairway coats they would lend you when you shopped in the “cool” room? It would go well with my “Syms” shopping trolley…

    11. Michael R says:

      I remember when they first opened up in the mid 90s. Wow I can’t believe it’s been 25 years. Where does the time go?

    12. L SAPSIN says:


    13. Martin Gold says:

      Is this another tragedy brought on by (unregulated) hedge fund ownership where consumers and employees pay the price?

    14. Janet says:

      Look at the website of Fresh and Beyond specialty grocers and there is some surprising news…..

      • Dr. Who says:

        Is the implication here that Fresh and Beyond has purchased the Harlem Fairway? I just see a link to the Fairway flyer. Thank you.