Openings & Closings: Mimi Cheng’s, Moscot, Brooks Brothers

Dumplings and more from Mimi Cheng’s.

The Upper West Side is starting to see some new leases get signed even as the city is just emerging from the coronavirus. The leases are a good sign that there’s still appetite to open restaurants and other businesses here. The first two tips are from our anonymous sleuth “Upper West Sider”.

Mimi Cheng’s, a downtown chain known for its handmade Taiwanese dumplings, has signed at 309 Amsterdam Avenue, between 74th and 75th Streets, according to a city building permit. The owners credit their mom for teaching them to make dumplings the right way. “We use pasture-raised pork, organic chicken, organic and/or local vegetables, extra virgin olive oil, and non-gmo sunflower oil. Mimi taught us to never take shortcuts.” Check out their website here.

Moscot, a 5th generation eyewear company, has signed a lease at 188 Columbus Avenue, between 68th and 69th Streets, according to permits filed with the city.

And the Brooks Brothers on 87th Street and Broadway appears to have closed for good. Multiple tipsters tell us the store is completely cleared out, and one relative of the manager says it’s gone. The corporate office did not respond to a request for comment. We wrote previously about how Brooks Brothers is one retailer that has experienced some financial trouble lately. Thanks to Marci for the tip.

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    1. Ellie says:

      Mimi Chang’s is a great addition to the UWS. We ‘ve gone to the one in the East Village and love their food!

    2. Mark Moore says:

      Was always surprised Brooks Brothers was there to begin with.

    3. Glen says:

      I note both Brooks Brothers and Aldo departed their Broadway locations and left plywood up over their windows. A real eyesore in the neighborhood, which is struggling with retail curb appeal as is. Victoria’s Secret also left the plywood up. I have come to the conclusion now we are in Phase 2, if the plywood is still up, the store is not coming back.

    4. Deri says:

      Great to here about Mimi Cheng’s! Does anyone know if Vanessa’s is still on its way?

    5. Sue L says:

      Though Upper West Siders can only regret the ongoing pandemic-induced closures of the few small-business/mom-and-pops left in our nabe—that never applied to Brooks Brothers’ 87th Street outpost. From day 1, many of us reacted to its inapprpriatevpresence with some version of “Ya gotta be kidding!”
      As the old saying goes, “We live in hope”!

      • Rob G. says:

        Brooks Brothers was an “inappropriate” presence? Believe it or not, some of your neighbors like to buy nice clothing without having to go to the UES or downtown. Not all Upper West Siders appreciate the thrift-store granny look.

    6. Rob G. says:

      Sigh…Brooks Brothers was the last upper-end clothing store above 86th Street.

    7. uwsmom says:

      There are already 2 or 3 eyewear stores on columbus bw 68 & 69. Does another really think it will survive? Or is it a strategy to place them closely and customers can comparison shop?

      • Mark P says:

        Moscot is quite nice, they offer their own frames which don’t change every year. If you want to pick a look that’s classic and stick with it, I think they’re a good option.

        In other words, they are offering something different and worthwhile and this store will be a lot more convenient than the Lower East Side one. I’m looking forward to checking them out!

    8. Mike L says:

      No more Brooks Brothers?!?!?!?!? That makes me very sad….

    9. Lauren says:

      Brooks brothers is sad because so many businesses have closed on this stretch of broadway. Banana Republic did last year as well. I’m never a fan of empty storefronts, even if I’m not the brooks brother’s “type”.

    10. Columbus&Broadway says:

      Mimi Cheng’s is the best thing I’ve heard all quarantine!!

    11. Dana R says:

      Anyone have news on La Caridad? Will they ever reopen?

    12. Leonardo says:

      Does anyone know if Aldo on Broadway and 84 is closed for good? Store is empty.

      • Glen says:

        Also is gone for good The Aldo shoe company filed for bankruptcy. The headquarters are in Montreal; that is where the filing took place.

    13. Christine says:

      The Gap on Broadway is open! I went in yesterday and spent over $400 on a complete summer wardrobe refresh. (That’s a lot of clothes – who knew one could even spend that kind of money at The Gap?!)

      I did notice a lot of the styles that they are featuring include drawstring and stretchy waists. Post-covid lockdown wear — lol. And also lots and lots of bright colors. Exactly what we need right now.

      Go support our “local” businesses and get off the computer! She said, typing on her computer. 🙂

    14. Hugh Van Dusen says:

      check out Brooks Bros on-line sales which get more
      discounted every day!!

    15. Wendy says:

      I was amazed that Brooks Brothers lasted as long as it did on 87th and Broadway. I live quite near there. Never saw any people in that store…and the ugliest women’s clothing imaginable, completely devoid of style….and with another BB one mile away, what was the point of two stores in the same area? It was a terrible fit for the neighborhood imho. Bring back Saigon or Malaysian Grill, or the 4 Brothers diner, which use to be there in the old days 🙂

      • WEAguy says:

        I never shopped there, but I don’t think we’re in a position to be choosy about retail establishments at this point…

      • Cole says:

        May I suggest that the ladies take a look at what’s on offer at Darryl’s on Amsterdam just south of 84th? Elegant clothes, a mix of prices, much much prettier & more flattering clothes than what was on offer from BB. And Darryl is a real (lovely) person with one store in the city, two in Rhinebeck and Beacon.

        • Amelia Gewirtz says:

          AGREE ! DARRYLS IS THE BEST !!! (for women ) dont have a fix for B.B. for the guys 81st & columbus is FRANK STELLA

      • tom says:

        I’d rather have Merit Farms back.(anybody remember)

    16. amelia s gewirtz says:

      FRANK STELLA if you need 81st & columbus for guys & Darryls on Amsterdam 83rd for women both have elegant clothes hope that helps

      • MelissaB says:

        Yes! Also ShiShi – it’s on Broadway and 90th? and CPW on Amsterdam and 84 – those are great contemporary clothing stores I frequent often. We just need more like that – especially one that sell menswear above 86 street!