Manhattanhenge ‘As Beautiful As Ever’, Without the Crowds

Normally, dozens of people congregate for Manhattanhenge to snap photos of the sun setting in formation with the street grid. On Saturday, the crowds weren’t there but the sunset still was. Alfred Szymanski was waiting on 79th Street:

“It was a little lonely on West 79th Street last night compared to the 100s that would gather annually to watch the sun setting on one of major grids for viewing. The street was not closed as usual, and we didn’t get an alert from the Museum of Natural History to prepare us for the event. Still, it was as beautiful as ever.”

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    1. Weird That Way says:

      A moving reminder of the cosmic order.

    2. Drew Kopf says:

      This is from a few years back, but something about it is kind of a right balance for me. And, life goes on.
      96th Street and Columbus Avenue

    3. Janice Balasny says:

      Beautiful picture, lovely words – just what we need at this moment!

    4. Suzanne Kratka says:

      Beautiful shoot Alfred!!