Tuesday Night: Government Bigwigs Will Explain What’s Next

State Assemblymember Linda Rosenthal, US Congressman Jerry Nadler, NYC Comptroller Scott Stringer and State Senator Brian Benjamin will hold a Virtual Town Hall Meeting on Tuesday night to discuss the city, state & federal response to COVID-19. The meeting starts at 7 p.m. and will be available on Zoom and telephone.

To register and submit questions in advance, click here. Once you register, you’ll get a link to Zoom or Facebook Live to view the event.

Or call 212-669-4466 to access the meeting.


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    1. abc says:

      Can someone ask Scott Stringer to stop being a Monday Morning quarterback and commenting always after the fact and not being proactive. Stringer is still being driven around in a big SUV, he can’t even be bothered to hand out masks or doing something to help NYCHA residents. All he does is want to listen to himself talk.

    2. Bigwigs? I have know three of these Elected Officials for at least 30 years, I consider them friends as well Ashe duly elected representatives of my community The Upper Westside! Nothing that they have represented, nothing that they have managed to get made into law, has been anything that was not in the best interest of the community that elected them to National, City and State Office, Your “Bigwigs” is misleading and down right unnecessary! Are you sure you represent the UWS?!?!

    3. Arlene Price McKay says:

      What more does NYC need to do to move to stage 1?

    4. Bobby Rose says:

      Why do the Democrats vote for these stimulus bills that provide so much money to wealthy companies, hospitals, universities, etc. and not enough to fired, furloughed workers, state and local governments, hospitals serving the poor, etc.