Reopenings: Ella Kitchen & Bar, Metro Diner, Osteria 106, Amsterdam Ale House, Wok City

All A’s! Look for them.

Photograph by Dan Tanner.

Ella Kitchen & BarLatin & Mediterranean flavors & drinks with housemade ingredients249 Columbus Avenue (72nd Street). Dan tipped us off that they have reopened —and the window sent their message to the community. “Sooo grateful to be back! Please order online Thank you for your support.” More details to follow. (212) 579-9929 

Update: WSR received the following email: ”Ella social (former Cafe Ronda) serving tapas, paella, burgers, wines and cocktails, is now open for takeout and delivery Wed-Sunday 3-9pm.”

Metro DinerAmerican diner with everything, 2641 Broadway (100th Street), reopened this Monday morning and business is “lousy,” Frank the owner told us, glumly. We told him to wait until Rag readers got word he is back. Metro is open every day from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. for pickup and delivery. Right now, the best way to order is by calling (212) 866-0800, or using Grubhub. Frank also owns City Diner on Broadway and 90th Street and hopes to reopen it soon.

Osteria 106, Italian favorite of many, 53 West 106th Street (CPW and Columbus), open for pickup and delivery, according to first-time tipster Alyssa and, again, the window. More details to follow when we reach them, (646) 833-7614.

Amsterdam Ale House
, a great neighborhood pub, 340 Amsterdam Avenue (76th Street), open 4 p.m. to 9:30 p.m., M – F, 2 p.m. to 9:30 p.m. Saturday and Sunday. (212) 362-7260

Wok City.

Wok City, Traditional Chinese comfort food, 153 Amsterdam Avenue (67th Street), reopened for pickup only every day from 11:30 a.m. to 9 p.m. The woman taking orders said with regard to the food and business, “Everything is good. Next month we will deliver.” (212) 496-9714

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    1. Cheeseburgerinparadise says:

      Metro is open-turns out the world is not going to end!! It’s going to be OK Frank, I’ll be ordering later!!

    2. bookbeast nyer says:

      Glad to hear Metro Diner is open, but there may be problems with getting an order. I know you provided their phone number, so that might be best, but I prefer to order online when possible. I went to their website to order; that re-directed me to, which said due to the virus they are closed. Via the order online link at Google (which come up when you google the diner) I got a message that they don’t deliver to my address. Ridiculous since the are 3 blocks from me and have delivered here many times. I know calling may be best, but I only know they are open thanks to WSR. Others who search might think they are still closed.

      • Sid says:

        You should call, since using online services like Seamless, GrubHub, etc. charges restaurants up to 20% per order. Calling in avoids that income being lost.

    3. Miki Fiegel says:

      Hooray! We love the Metro Diner and have missed their terrific food. We’ll be ordering today!

    4. TeedOff says:

      Amsterdam Ale House had customers inside w/o masks on Friday, and unmasked groups of 4-5 sitting on their outside tables. Disgraceful behavior.

      • Julie says:

        Saw it too. They’re using their picnics table outside.

        We’ll never get out of this quarantine if businesses and people don’t comply.

        • One of the gang says:

          Report them to 311 or online with photos. WSR can’t do anything, but a fine might. The more reports submitted, the more likely that someone goes to check on it.

    5. Park says:

      Was excited to have Amsterdam Ale House the other day, but was very disappointed. Guy answering the phone didn’t know the menu (said he was from the east side) and the food was amongst the worst restaurant food I have had in ages. Amsterdam Ale House is one of our family’s favs so this was especially disappointing. I hope they figure it out. I really want to support them, but the food was terrible. It was like no one working had ever worked there before so they just were looking at a menu and guessing. Heck, the fish tacos came with buffalo sauce on the side? Hope others have better experience!

    6. Caryl says:

      I ordered by phone from Wok City last night but was told that they do not deliver so I had to pick it up.

    7. Jon Delfin says:

      Wok City! Just in time, I have been developing cravings lately.

    8. Sarah Trombley says:

      Yay, Metro Diner is back!

    9. Margaret says:

      Effy’s Cafe is closed for good. Already desperately missing their breakfast!

    10. amy cohen says:

      Mokum is open again for pick up and delivery.

    11. vanguard404 says:

      Popeye’s reopening this week (maybe tomorrow?).

    12. Karindnyc says:

      Not that I like the food or the prices but Mokum on Amsterdam and 82 reopened.

    13. dc says:

      Will order from Ella soon…was a go-to place pre-pandemic for a great meal.

    14. Glen says:

      I just got a note from Duane Reade that the store on 88th/Broadway is closing effective 6/2. My prescription is being moved up to the 93d St branch.

      • luke says:

        soon as I got mine I changed over to 609 Columbus ave, right up the block instead of 5 blocks out of the way besides, 94th st one is a dump

    15. Margaret R Ryan says:

      Any idea if Pearls on Amsterdam will ever reopen?

    16. UWS-er says:

      Elea is back from 4:30-8:30 starting May 20.

    17. Keith says:

      Is the Amsterdam Ale House doing drinks to go?