USNS Comfort Docks on the West Side; Local Violinist Plays A Welcoming Song

Photo by Joeanna Sayler.

The USNS Comfort, a Navy medical ship with 1,000 beds, docked on Monday at Pier 90 off of 51st Street on the West Side. The ship was welcomed by the mayor, the governor and a crowd of New Yorkers.

The ship’s doctors are expected to care for non-coronavirus patients in order to relieve pressure on the city’s other hospitals, which are dealing with escalating coronavirus cases. The ship has more than 1,000 personnel, 12 operating rooms, a lab, and a pharmacy.

Heidi Stubner welcomed the occasion by playing ‘America The Beautiful’ on her roof at 96th Street. She’s been playing for people every day for three weeks. “I’ve played on my rooftop for the last 2+ weeks for those ill, scared, and lonely to perhaps bring a moment of solace, hope, and a smile. Music heals that which medicine cannot.”

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    1. Westsidegal says:

      God bless the USA! God bless President Trump!

      • Debbie says:

        God bless Trump? Are you serious?

      • ED RN says:

        God bless Trump? Pfft!!! As an er rn I have no respect for him. He’s accusing us of stealing and hoarding, hasn’t sent ventilators, no hazard pay.. He should take a walk through any emergency room in NYC right now. It’s like a warzone. We are totally unprepared for this fight. And yet we go there and jeopardize our own health, haven’t seen our families out of fear of spreading it to them, watch our patiwnts and even our coworkers die to this.. All the while he thinks we are exaggerating? Please. Let him come in for a 12 hour shift with a recycled mask, 1 gown and 1 hair covering like the rest of us. He is disgraceful.

        • Jean Hill says:

          Dear Ed, you may want to inform yourself so that you can direct your outrage at the people who really have put the brave front line medical workers and citizens in danger.

          In 2015 Gov. Cuomo was told that NYS needed to purchase an additional 16,000 ventilators because we were unprepared for a pandemic. Instead he ordered his health commissioner to draft a rationing plan.

          The FBI just arrested a man and raided a warehouse with 80,000 masks and enough other medical equipment to stock a hospital. Out the back door indeed.

      • Heidi says:

        This is not about politics. This is about humanity only.

    2. Shirley Z says:

      God Bless you, Heidi
      Thank you!

    3. Rita Citrin says:

      Simply beautiful… America is truly blessed – and we will ge thru this united.

    4. Chris says:

      beautiful, thank you! Always makes me a little teary.

    5. Nicholas M Archer says:

      This is beautiful. Thanks.

    6. Mary Federico says:

      Beautiful — thank you, Heidi!

    7. Mardi says:

      Way to go Heidi!

    8. Rodger Lodger says:

      I saw two pictures of spectators crowding together to see the ship dock. Kinda defeats the purpose, doesn’t it?

      • Heidi says:

        That was not me. Never would consider it. Others should as well. All alone on my roof with my child.
        This is about humanity and helping one another even if from a distance.

    9. Liifeoong UWS says:

      Some weird liquid in my eyes. That was beautiful.

      Thank you all medical personnel.

    10. JS says:

      I’m always amazed by the American spirit.

    11. Regina says:

      That was a touching triumph to US Naval Comfort for coming and helping NY . The Tristate welcomes all the help in combating this Virus….Thank You

    12. Jonas says:

      United as one!!! Let’s put politics aside and take care of our brothers and sisters in our community, amazing, thank you for that beautiful music.

    13. Alice R. says:

      Thank you Heidi

    14. Leslie Rupert says:

      The person that really deserves very Special Thanks is Andrew Cuomo. He has been outstanding. It’s a joy to watch someone actually Lead.
      We also thank yo, Heidi and all of your coworkers for your work. You and the entire healthcare community have been extraordinary. God bless

      • Irish says:

        I actually don’t understand why Cuomo is receiving the praise he is? This is happening on his watch. he has made numerous errors (which he has admitted and corrected) and these have cost lives. turned down an order for additional ventilators in 2015 (no one was to see this coming, but you have to prepare). It’s a given at this stage that trump is not to be relied on, so that can’t be Cuomo’s excuse. To me, he is getting praise because his interviews are watchable and people seem to like the rapport with his brother on CNN. I don’t get it… he has to take some of the blame for what’s happening in NYC.

        • Heidi says:

          No politics please! This is about humanity and helping one another. I do not play for political reasons. Check out my other posts on Facebook.
          Like your mind, spirit, soul and heart.
          Spread the love and hopefully I have brought a bit of solace into people’s daily lives. Be safe, be smart, be positive.

    15. B. N. Bomze says:

      An MD friend is concerned that patients will likely not be tested for signs of covid-19 before admission to this hospital boat. Will all the proper PPE be made available in advance, unlike at our hospitals? Enclosed spaces such as cruise ships can become vectors of disease (as can, of course, hospitals themselves). I’m curious about oversight. Meanwhile, heartfelt kudos to to the over-worked,under-protected medical workers!

      • Ted says:

        Possibly, but keep in mind that the military has all kinds of contingencies for managing NBC hazards. Much more confident of their ability to manage the situation than community hospitals.

    16. gingie says:

      Our lives are as precarious as a fiddler on the roof.
      Stay safe.
      God bless NYC
      God bless America

    17. lynn says:

      Yes, this is an absolutely wonderful tribute, but why were there crowds of people watching the ship come in? Do they not understand WHY this ship is docking here?

    18. B.B. says:

      Leaving aside all the gushing, tears and overflowing of emotions; thus far that huge USNS hospital ship has only filled twenty (20) inpatient beds out of total capacity of 1000.

      Sister ship docked in Los Angeles only has filled fifteen (15) beds.