Couple Sings Their Coronavirus Song: Send Us Your Demos

Fenced in. Photograph by KirkD2009.

By Carol Tannenhauser

If the talented people below aren’t Upper West Siders, they should be — honorary, at least. (Actually, they’re from Pittsburgh.)

Update: We reached out to them and they responded:

Thank you so much!  We gladly accept the honor as long as we don’t have to pay New York rents!  We have a daughter and her husband living in Brooklyn as well as our oldest son who also lives in Brooklyn. They are safely hunkered down and working from home and we pray for all New Yorkers every day.
We really appreciate finally becoming New Yorkers
Mel and Claire Vatz

Are there any creative collaborations going on closer to home? Any solo sensations? Send your demos or videos to Maybe we’ll have a virtual concert — The WSR Amateur Hour — although there are plenty of professional musicians in the neighborhood. Music of any kind (don’t make us regret this) is welcome. Music is good for the soul. It can make it so much easier and more pleasant to be sequestered in our house, which… “is a very, very, very fine house…”🎵

Thanks to Jane Schwartz for the tip.

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    1. Louarkie says:

      Simply wonderful. Thank you.

    2. Audrey says:

      Clever and beautiful! Love this.

    3. Mary says:

      Just wonderful, cute older couple with clever lyrics and hope for defeating covid-19! Thank you so much! Mary

    4. UWS_lifer says:

      BRAVO!! Kinda reminded me of the intro of one of my favorite shows growing up, All in the Family. “Boy, the way Glenn Miller Played, songs that made the hit parade..”

      Such a classic NYC show too. And then it spun off The Jeffersons, another NYC classic. When they “moved on up, to the East Side, to a deluxe apartment in the skyyyy” it was that building on the corner of 85th and 3rd.

      Also the Drummond’s on Different Strokes lived in the building on 79th and Park with the drive way.:)

      Anyone else got some NYC sitcom trivia? I know Seinfeld was on the UWS…

    5. Andrea Starr says:

      Well done. Like the intro to Norman Lear’s ALL IN THE FAMILY”…It’s Archie and Edith singing, THESE ARE THE DAYS!

    6. UWS9697 says:

      I love how they laugh at themselves – just a sweet, kind and fun song!

    7. Kkb says:

      Thank you for lifting our spirits with this fun tune. Very clever and great voices.

    8. Janet Fried says:

      Thanks a million. I needed your duet badly. A few minutes of joy. We must MAKE AMERICA KIND AGAIN!

    9. Alane C. says:

      Love ❤️ it!! Brilliant!!

    10. Paula says:

      Only in America!! Our humor will make this dreaded disease only a memory! But not forgetting all the people that are resting in peace, never to be forgotten. God bless our country in such a time as this.

    11. Cheryl Feinberg says:

      It was so nice to have something to smile about. Much thanks.

    12. NPK says:

      A wonderful and sweet moment amidst this crisis we are all going through. Thank you for sharing👍

    13. Alice Murphy says:

      This is absolutely terrific. Love it. Stay safe. Stay well. Oh dear, we are down to out last bottle of wine.

    14. Margaret says:

      You guys are awesome! Thank you for making me and my family smile!

    15. Anita says:

      Adorable. Thank you!

    16. Diane says:

      That was excellent! Thank you for sharing it.

    17. Sophia Cohen says:

      Great song that lifts the spirits and gives us a good laugh. Very creative. What are the names of this couple and where are they from? They look so familiar.

    18. Elinore Kaplan says:

      What a wonderful pick-me-up. Loved it! The Marilyn and Alan Bergman of the UWS may have arrived.
      Thank you. Thank you!

    19. MaryAlice says:

      I loved this. There needs to be more like you.
      I’m so thankful for my home. There’s plenty of things that we can do besides sitting in front of the tv whinning.
      We need to embrace the blessings in our lives.
      It’s Spring. Get outside. If you don’t have a flower bed, get some containers fill with dirt and plant something.
      Plant the ends you cut off of vegetables like celery, turnips, carrots, sweet potatoes, etc
      Each morning, make a Good Morning sign and hang close to your road/street.
      | GOOD |
      | MORNING |
      Come up with your own ideas…
      Have a Great Day.

    20. Ariel Joseph says:

      Song & performance is great!
      Keep on keeping on
      🖖💖Ariel Joseph

    21. Bronte Bernal says:

      Why an inspired song—what a delightful couple — absolutely brilliant —full of wit and kindness.

    22. Sheila Geiling says:

      How wonderful! Thank you. Brightend my day!

    23. Hammer Mom says:

      Thank you! Your children are lucky to have you as parents.

    24. Freya says:

      Bravo to our real heros helping us get through the day!
      Thank you!!!

    25. Arlene Clifford says:

      Great….thank you. We will make it!!

    26. Carol Egbert says:

      With a nod to Simon & Garfunkel. Thank you.

    27. Sharon Coffey says:

      Thank you for giving us a needed smile. We boomers still rock!

    28. Just delightful! Thank you for this, Guys. Stay well!

    29. Betty says:

      Our local choir, Main Line Singers, based in Wayne PA, is doing Homeward Bound as part of our upcoming travel-themed “May 2 & 3 ” concerts (when they will actually be now, we don’t know). We really appreciate this creative and humorous version!!

    30. Alma says:

      Like your original song! We’re all in this together. Our NC governor has requested all NC citizens to be Home Bound!

    31. eileen reilly says:


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    33. Barbara Drake says:

      Loved it. Great use of Peter, Paul & Mary tune!

    34. James Sharkey says:

      And just think of all the “Christmas Babies” we will have this year!

    35. Benjamin Vincent says:

      Love it!!!! Thanks guys for cheering me up! Nice to be home bound with two nice people like yourselves on my computer. God bless you both. Stay safe!

    36. Joan says:

      Thats a great song! I really enjoyed it

    37. Donna Scholze says:


    38. Suzi Jones says:

      Love it!!!

    39. Sue says:

      Love, love, love your video. Really made me smile!

    40. Judith says:

      Thanks for the clever & lovely song & your smiles. Be well & take good care.

    41. Cindy Doran says:

      I Love both your smiles. The song is great! Thank you! Where are guys from??

    42. Phillips Mary says:

      Loved it was nicely done.

    43. julie Clayton says:

      Very sweet! Thank you!

    44. Donna Fazzini Sterling says:

      Love it! It is all over the internet. We need relief from all of this stress. Thank you for your creativity and talent! Keep them coming! We have ANOTHER month!!!!

    45. Ruth Bonnet says:

      What fun! I lived on the UWS for a decade and miss it every single day. Enjoy:

    46. Dolly E Larkin says:

      This is wonderful! Such a delightful break from all the doom and gloom. Thank you!