Town Shop Closes Temporarily Except for ‘Bra Emergencies’; Online Discounts for West Side Rag Readers

The Town Shop, the bra and clothing store on Broadway between 81st and 82nd, has closed its doors temporarily to help slow the spread of the coronavirus. A sign on the shop’s door notifies customers that they can always use the website for a “bra emergency.”

Mindy, who sent the photo above, told us she was “not sure what constitutes a bra emergency” but thought that overall it was an “uplifting message.”

Town Shop was founded in 1888 and it’s been on Broadway since 1936.

Danny Koch, Town Shop’s fourth-generation owner, told us that they’re offering 20% off of online sales at if you use the code westsiderag. It’s time to support the neighborhood and support yourself!

Laytner’s Linen, another longtime local spot located next door to Town Shop, has also closed temporarily. Support them at or call 212-724-1987 ext. 116.

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    1. Young Sally says:

      Oh dear — Town Shop is the only Level I Bra Trauma Center in the area….and I’m in a house with a bloodhound who’s taken to eating underwires.

    2. UWSHebrew says:

      In all seriousness, what is a bra emergency?

      • Carlos says:

        Not sure if this rises to the level of an “emergency,” but perhaps a young lady being raised by a single dad with no knowledge of bras hitting puberty and needing help purchasing her first bra?

    3. Bruce Stark says:

      Hang in Danny.

    4. kluther says:

      a little levity is always appreciated!

    5. Elsie DeKupp says:

      What an uplifting message.

    6. Townshopper says:

      Bra emergency! Did I read this right or am I already in my cups?

    7. Danny. You’re the best! This too shall pass!! Hopefully quickly.

    8. Filatura says:

      “An uplifting message.” I love it! Sly humor for unfunny times; thanks, Mindy.

    9. Judy says:

      The right bra could help “flatten the curve”!!

    10. Joan says:

      C’mon. Confess. Confined to home for days, who doesn’t do without the bra on occasion (or lack of social occasion)? Few emergencies expected.