Upper West Side Apple Store Closes, Expected to Be Closed for Weeks

The Apple store at 67th Street and Broadway shut its doors on Saturday and is expected to close for weeks, according to Kate Hinds, who took the photo above. The store’s schedule shows that it is closed at least for this week.

For our list of neighborhood closures, click here.

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    1. Larry says:

      It’s all Apple stores everywhere

    2. John says:

      The store will be closed until at least March 27th. This comes from a press statement put out by Tim Cook.

      They may still be partially opened until Tuesday so that people can pick up items purchased online for in-store-pickup prior to this announcement, as well as to pick up Genius Bar repairs that were ready for pickup.

    3. Drew says:

      But don’t worry, the schools are open! Just when DeBlasio can’t get worse, he goes to another level of incompetence risking lives or teachers and accelerating spread of the virus. Taking all these preventative steps while leaving schools open is pointless. Philly, LA, Boston and Chicago all clearly see that. What’s wrong with this man?

    4. Kenneth says:

      With thousands of people running their fingers over virtually every surface of every item in the Apple Store, this is the only prudent course of action. Tim Cook must be commended.