Weekend History: Video of The 1996 Blizzard, Back When It Actually Snowed

This has been the second least-snowy New York winter in recorded history, a travesty to children everywhere and even to some adults. So we’re showing you a video of a snowier time — specifically a massive 1996 snowfall that ground activity to a halt in the city.

The video below is from Eyewitness News, and it shows some great shots of 72nd street and Broadway, including images of people skiing to work, the now-defunct HMV and several other small shops that have disappeared.

Hat-tip to Adam D.

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    1. AC says:

      Reporter Tim Minton , , , a product of the UWS.

    2. Leslie Rupert says:

      I drove from East Hampton to the upper west side in this blizzard. I left East Hampton at noon and pulled in to my garage on 87th Street at 8:00PM. It was so bad I hadn’t realized I crossed the Nassau County line until I pulled up to the toll both at the midtown tunnel.
      It was true white out conditions.

    3. Liifeoong UWS says:

      My brother and i were with our dad for the weekend and he drove us back to the city during the blizzard. It took 2 hours, normally 45 minutes. It was terrifying.

      And then the next day. No school!! And the snow was piled on all the cars. Kids were climbing on top and sliding down.

      I think we missed like 2 days of school.

      And then my dad talks about the blizzard of 45, when the snow reached the windows. Though i think 2016 beat out that blizzard, no?

      • Louisa Cabot says:

        No,we built an igloo on Third Avenue and 32nd street!
        The snow plows did not destroy it, they plowed around it!😊⭐️☃️☃️

    4. Steve Goodman says:

      I had to move this day! I remember my Dad and I having to dig out our moving van.

    5. dc says:

      And no scaffolding to be seen!

    6. P salta says:

      My kids were 1& 21/2…. they LOVEDIT!!