Liquidation Sale Offers 80% to 90% Off in Final Days at Papyrus

Photo by Rolando Pujol.

The Papyrus paper goods and stationery store at 209 Columbus Avenue (69th and 70th) is closing along with all other locations of the chain, and the liquidation sale is nearing its final days.

As Rolando Pujol noted, there’s not much left at the store, but some of it is selling for as much as 80%-90% off. Papyrus also has locations at 2157 Broadway (76th), and The Shops at Columbus Circle (59th). It had 254 stores throughout North America.

The neighborhood has lost several greeting card stores in recent years, including longtime local favorite Cardeology.

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    1. Stacey says:

      If you’re looking for a Father’s Day Step-Father card, or a Mother’s Day card for your father’s wife – that’s pretty much what’s left 😂

    2. cma says:

      Small stationary store at 94th and Columbus, next to Mani Market has variety of cards always half price.
      Various WalmartDuaneReades have cards.

    3. Mark Hall says:

      Paper Source, 309 Columbus (75 St.). Different (i.e., not Hallmark) cards. Beautiful wrapping papers.

    4. Larry the Liquidator says:

      Don’t worry. Even though the last buggy whip store on the UWS closed years ago you can still buy them online.

    5. your_neighbor says:

      Hard to run a store that specializes in papers and cards in a digital world.

      Always nice and classy stores, hopefully their business of selling papyrus products to other retailers remains strong.

    6. Some Guy says:

      Complicated for a paper store to survive in today’s world. Digital gift cards are free and you can even sent gifs which give more life to your gift card. People instead of going to Papyrus, alot of go to CVS which offers almost the same type cards for a cheaper price but not as a fancy as of Papyrus.

    7. AaJay says:

      There are 3 decent greeting card stores still in the neighborhood: Paper Source @ Columbus & 75th, the toy and stationery store on W.72nd St. between Columbus & Amsterdam, and Paper House on Amsterdam between 72nd & 73rd.

      Papyrus cards are still being sold in all Duane Reades.