Openings & Closings: Big Gay Ice Cream, Forty Carrots, Le Gourmand Update

Big Gay Ice Cream opened on Monday afternoon at 516 Columbus Ave (85th Street), the former home of Birdbath Bakery. This still appears to be a soft open, but they’re planning to have a more official opening at the end of the month. Big Gay Ice Cream is a chain with fun takeoffs on classic flavors like Rocky Roadhouse, an ode to Patrick Swayze.

Forty Carrots, the ice cream cafe inside Bloomingdale’s at 72nd and Broadway has closed. Thanks to Karen and Roberta for the tips.

Le Gourmand, the small bakery at 104 West 70th Street, has been closed for more than a month, but the owner isn’t giving up on reopening. “Yes I’m trying to stay open on 70th but not easy,” wrote Mounir, the owner. “Le Gourmand was doing fine is just that I started without a working capital and that’s where the problem is, so I need to find a solid investor to keep me going.” The baked goods there are in fact objectively delicious. If you’re interested in investing, he can be reached at moun3d at gmail.

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    1. Mary says:

      I live near that corner and this is the first I’ve ever heard of an ice cream cafe inside that Bloomingdale’s!

    2. UWSmom says:

      Forty Carrots was upstairs in the back and with no signage so I am surprised it lasted so long. It’s a shame though… they had generous servings and amazingly dense fro-yo.

      • Erica says:

        For sure the best fro yo around. They still have the big cafe on 59th.

        • Paul on W 67th says:

          Yes, Bloomingdale’s frozen coffee yogurt was the best! It’s just as well that they closed, a quick yogurt stop always ended up costing me money, as high on sugar, I’d stop to browse and end up with something I probably didn’t need.

          I’ll stick to the Forty Carrots in their Soho store. Absolutely nothing there fits my waistline or my style (or my budget)

    3. RB says:

      Was super sad to find Big Gay I’ve Cream closed at 946 pm. Please update your hours!!!!!