Coyote(s) Now Being Spotted on a ‘Weekly’ Basis in Central Park, as City to Hold Coyote Coexisting Workshop

Where are you, you wily coyote? (File photo.)

Coyotes have visited the Upper West Side on and off in recent years, but there’s been an apparent uptick in reported sightings in the past few months. The Central Park Police Precinct said on Twitter that they’ve lately been getting reports of coyotes in the park on a weekly basis, with sightings around Belvedere Castle (around 79th street) and elsewhere.

It’s important to note that this may simply be one coyote walking around and being seen by different people. We previously have posted shots of a coyote in the park near 82nd Street.

Indeed, the Park Department says it appears to be a lone coyote:

“We believe all 10 of the recent coyote sighting reports are about the same coyote that has been spending time in Central Park.

Our message to New Yorkers is: Keep calm and carry on! This coyote has been hanging out in Central Park for at least a year now. We have no reports of the coyote causing incidents or showing aggressive behavior.

While there has been a bump in reports of coyote sightings in Central Park lately, we have no reason to believe that the population in the park is growing.”

In the past, coyotes have sometimes walked on the street in the neighborhood, leading to some wild police chases. This fellow appears to be comfortable hanging out in the park.

The Parks Department is working with humans -— the wildest of animals —- to make sure they understand coyote behavior. “After coyotes were observed in Northern Central Park, our Wildlife Unit has been doing outreach in the surrounding areas to educate the public on coyotes and help to promote co-existence,” a parks spokesperson wrote. They’ll also be holding a “coyote co-existing outreach” at the Central Park Precinct Community Council meeting on Wednesday, March 11, 2020.

The precinct meeting is generally held at precinct headquarters just off the 86th Street transverse road in Central Park starting at 7 p.m.

If you see a coyote, here are some tips:

And if you want to report a coyote (or other wildlife) sighting, the city has a page for that here.

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    1. Bflat says:

      I think it’s great coyotes are in Central Park, they will help keep the rodent population in check. However, humans are too egocentric to just leave them alone. It won’t be long before someone tries to “help” them by feeding them scraps.

      • Paul says:

        Exactly. Someone’s going to feed him, or someone’s going to lose their off leash dog. And either way, it won’t end well for the coyote.

      • LSJ says:

        the park dept will need to put signs up warning the public of the dangers of feeding them, like they did when there were raccoon distemper issues. unless you grew up in an area where predators were an issue or have educated yourself on it, most NYC residents and many tourists will fail to know the dangers of feeding coyotes, and them associating humans with food. It only takes one incident for that to happen and unfortunately it is small children and pets who become the target of these animals.

        • TY says:

          Like the signs all around the Pool asking park visitors not to feed the waterfowl? I have never been to the Pool without seeing someone feeding the ducks—sometimes while standing right next to a sign. It’s a good idea, but I don’t hold out hope that humans will do as they are asked for the benefit of wildlife.

          • B.B. says:

            Those are same persons who pour bird seed by sacks full on city streets to “feed” pigeons.

            What they are doing is also feeding and attracting rats/mice who also love grain.

        • Billy Amato says:

          I think us UWS’ers are very knowledgeable about the predators among us by now…👀

    2. Billy Amato says:

      This is the same coyote that has been eating The Canadian geese on the great lawn for the past month..

    3. Tom says:

      Wild thought. Catch them and outfit with “COYOTE CAMS”. Would be so cool to watch them roam around CP. And help id anyone doing them harm. 🤔

    4. C says:

      Keep those dogs on leashes. At all times. Just in case a coyote is around.

    5. La Mike says:

      i saw it take a delivery from Acme Corp

    6. N. Potts says:

      I saw it last night around 9:15! He was on the east side of the Great Lawn. He hopped the fence, walked along the path for awhile, then hopped back over. He looked healthy, noticed me but kept his distance. There were several off leash dogs in the area at the time too but he didn’t appear to pay them any mind. Love that we have this glimpse of native wildlife, right in the middle of Manhattan!

      • BillyNYC says:

        I also seen him on Tuesday about 6pm with my dog on the leash on the path of the Delacorte Theater restrooms walking down to the public house and Shakespeare garden.
        My dog noticed him and ignored on my command.

        Gave me a thrill enjoying our wildlife right in our backyard.

        Just earlier that day I followed one of the bald eagles crossing the northend of the great lawn heading towards the reservoir with two hawks flying after him.

      • MQue says:

        I saw it last week. It hopped the fence with such ease. I leashed my dog immediately

    7. B.B. says:

      Considering NYC apparently no longer has long frigid winters, all sorts of changes are happening with wildlife.

      There is a decent supply of food nearly year round now for all sorts of animals from rodents and birds on up. Of course this means larger predatory animals also have more to eat as well.