Man Stabbed on 72nd Street By Unknown Assailant

The scene of the incident.

A man walking home from the subway around 10:40 p.m. on Wednesday told police he was attacked by another man, and ended up with a stab wound to his torso and lacerations on other parts of his body.

The man was walking on the south side of 72nd Street between Broadway and Columbus, past a pharmacy when “he got into a fight with an unknown individual, but did not remember this unknown male’s description,” according to an account of the event provided by Deputy Inspector Timothy Malin of the 20th precinct. “The victim could not tell detectives why the fight occurred, but he just remembers the unknown male attacking him, and he suffered several lacerations.”

A witness told police that she “heard an argument and saw the victim who was bleeding from his arm, yelling at an unknown male in front of 150 West 72 Street.” The victim appeared to be intoxicated, according to the police account.

The witness “did not observe the fight, nor did she see the unknown male holding a knife, but was able to describe the unknown male.  She described this male as a light skin male, possible Hispanic or White, approximately 5’9”, wearing a black baseball cap, dark color jacket, and dark pants.  This male fled towards Amsterdam Avenue.”

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    1. ben says:

      Not that anyone getting stabbed is good news, but I think the title arguably paints a far worse picture of the incident than ‘possibly drunk man got in an argument with someone and got stabbed on 72nd street’.

    2. Beverly says:

      Oh no!!!
      When will it stop?

    3. ST says:

      Still no cops on the bear.

    4. Karen Bruno says:

      Wow, I used to live on 124 West 72nd Street!

    5. LKLA says:

      So two drunk/intoxicated men got in an argument at almost 11 o’clock at night that ended up in a fight?

      And that is news?

      • Nancy L says:

        Yes, it’s news but bad news when you live five doors away as I do.

      • Ben David says:

        To the person that was stabbed, it is BIG news, yes.

        • LKLA says:

          That would be to the person “who” was stabbed.

          When two drunk people argue in the middle of the night, in the middle of the street, outside a bar (came out of Malachy’s) what should one expect other than a likely brawl and for one or both to end up getting hurt?

          Neither was seriously hurt so let us not over dramatize this. Seen people end up much worse from a dog biting them or tripping and falling.

    6. Jean Luke says:

      Seems like crime keeps increasing on UWS. Never heard of a stabbing before on 72nd St. I own a building right near that location and used to have a security camera facing onto the street.
      The local Police used to check our recordings on occasion.

      Landmarks Commission made us take it down otherwise could have captured images of the suspect. Could never understand why Landmarks cared about a small security camera attached to 2nd Floor of bldg. but nothing is too small to be regulated in NYC.

    7. Mike says:

      The person stabbed is a business professional and was just off a work happy hour. Was not heavily intoxicated and was severely injured with 4 stab wounds, one just missing his liver